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Here’s why you shouldn’t buy Rainbow Flags on the street at Pride

Pride season is well underway here in the UK – and you’ll notice that street peddlers are selling rainbow merch, but before you buy anything from them, here’s why you shouldn’t

rihaij / Pixabay

They don’t support the local pride

More often than not the street peddlers (not the sellers inside the pride event) don’t support the pride events at which they are selling at. None of that money they take goes back into supporting the pride or local LGBT+ charities. Not a penny. They pay an incredibly small sum of money to the government for a license which allows them to pop up all over the country. None of that money goes back into Pride.

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Pride stalls pay the prides

Sellers and organisations who are at pride events officially pay the pride to be there. This means that their pitch fee has gone into helping maintain that pride. It’s a vital revenue raiser for pride. Let’s support the official retailers and sellers, rather than those who are just profiteering off the pride movement.

Over priced


Swindon and Wiltshire Pride 2015

At one pride we heard that street peddlers were selling Rainbow pride flags for £10 to £20 (in London!)- which is a complete rip-off, especially when inside the Pride stalls area you’re likely to find rainbow flags going on sale much less than that.

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Don’t pay their over inflated prices! Better still why not go online first and get yourself a bargain! You can order all sorts of pride flags from our retail partner,

They don’t have the range

TuendeBede / Pixabay

It’s all rainbow – and as pretty as that is if you don’t see your identity represented there’s the issue of erasure. Bisexuals, pansexuals, trans, asexual and non-binary people matter too. So check out inside the pride for a proper LGBT+ stall that will sell the full range of LGBT+ flags.

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Not members of the LGBT+ community

Whilst we’re at it, wouldn’t it be great if Pride was a time to support LGBT+ and queer companies. The corporate world is on full jump on the pride bandwagon at the moment, which on one hand is a positive step, but don’t forget to support your queer business family. Those gift and merchandise sellers inside pride parks and event spaces are usually owned and operated by LGBT+ people. Show them your love this pride season.


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