How do you hire a sex worker
If you've ever thought about hiring an escort here's how to go about it

1. Go online and find the right guy.

There’s no need to trawl the streets looking for escorts or rentboys in fact, in 2020 is anyone still really doing that? There are loads of escorting and rentboy sites, which you can Google, where guys of all shapes, sizes and colours have uploaded their pictures and loaded their profiles with information on what they’re into and up for. You’ll be able to find someone to suit your needs very quickly.

2. Reach out to them

Whether you call, text, Whatsapp or email the next step is to make contact with them. Some workers may be around all hours, others might not be. If he’s available or taking bookings he’ll answer.

Once you’ve connected, here’s where you tell him or describe what it is you’re looking for and the worker will be able to tell you whether it’s doable.

Lay it all out here. Don’t spring any surprises on your escort when you’re actually meeting.

Also, discuss the price. The escort may have already said what his price per hour is on the website, or he may have put “Ask Me”… Tell him how long you’re looking for and what price he can do it for. The going rate is around £150 per hour. There may be extras, which can be bolted on, such as bareback, massage, kink etc.

Some guys will offer “in calls” – that’s where you go to him and “outcalls” is where he’ll travel to you.

Outcalls can be more expensive and you might be asked for a deposit from your guy. This is normal and is essentially because some clients bail at the last minute or give out false information. So a deposit shows you really mean business.

3. Agree on it all before you or he turns up!

Again don’t spring it on your guy that you’re into fisting or food play or underwear smelling beforehand. Equally, if you’re wanting to top him, let him know beforehand, so he can prepare. Most escorts, if they are bottoms or vers, will already be prepared… Also, have the safer sex discussion. Some guys will bareback, others won’t. Don’t push if he says he’s condom only.

4. Make sure you’re prepared too.

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Shower (be clean) and prep yourself, if you’re looking to get fucked. Nobody likes a shitty kitty (unless that’s what you’ve paid for). Looking for info on douching? Check it out here.


5. Arrive and money

Don’t forget sex work is work. The money conversation should happen upfront. Preferred method… cash. Don’t make a big thing about it. Again it’s a good point to lay out what it is you want to do. It’s your time so script it out if that helps.

6. Get down to it.

It’s your time so use it how you want to. Let your guy know what works, what doesn’t, but be polite and professional and your escort will reciprocate (again unless you’ve paid for something different).

7. Condoms.

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If you agreed on condoms, make sure you wear one and don’t pressure your sex worker into having bareback once in the flow of things. A good escort will have a supply of condoms, lube and most likely poppers, particularly if it’s an incall.

8. Clean up in aisle.

Once the fun is over, let your escort make his excuses and leave. Make sure you see him to the door. If you’re feeling generous a tip will never be refused.


9. Review

If you enjoyed give him a good review on whatever website you found him on.