Small is beautiful – that is the new motto.

Men with smaller willies have had quite the time of it lately, what with the small penis festival and the discovery that we’re all much smaller than we say we are, one website has done the small dong a service by giving five reasons why having a small Johnson is the has come up with five, yes five distinct reasons why having a small todger is not only a great thing, but actually preferable in many ways.

1) Firstly having a smaller beanpole means that hiding an unwanted erection is much easier.

So if you happen to be in an awkward situation, say in the queue at your local library and you pop an angry cyclops, you can quite happily enjoy the knowledge that you’ve got a rager – and no one will be any the wiser.

2) You won’t damage the person you’re having intercourse with…

They mention cervix. We’ll just have to take their word on that.

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3) Oral sex will be easier.

Apparently. Come on we like a challenge…

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4) Hit the spot.

You’ll actually be able to rub all the right bits like the male G-spot with a smaller than average appendage. The G-spot is only a couple inches inside a man.

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5) Anal sex will be less painful.

Again we refer to point three. We like a challenge. If you want tips on how to find bottoming easier check out our top tips.

Whatever your size is, don’t worry about it. We all come in all different shapes and sizes. It’s about who the dick’s attached to not the nob itself.

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