BREAKING: A UK Court has found that a bakery in Belfast, owned by Christians acted unlawfully when it refused to fulfil an order which had an inscription in support of same-sex marriage.

Ashers Bakery in Belfast, Northern Ireland refused an order by Gareth Lee in July 2014. The cake in question had a message that supported same-sex marriage.

The bakery owners refused the order based on their Christian beliefs Gareth Lee a gay rights activist took the civil case against the bakery with the support of the Equality Commission.


A judge has ruled that the bakery’s refused to make the cake was unlawful. The judge commented:

“Whilst defendants have right to religious beliefs they are limited as to how they manifest them.”

Speaking outside the Belfast court just before the ruling, Ashers general manager Daniel McArthur said:

“We happily serve everyone but we cannot promote a cause that goes against what the Bible says about marriage.

“We have tried to be guided in our actions by our Christian beliefs.”


Mr Lee told the court that the decision to refuse his order him feel “unworthy” and ” a lesser person”.

A Belfast judge said Ashers were not exempt from discrimination law adding that the bakery were “conducting a business for profit”, they are not a religious group.”

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They were found to have discriminated against Mr Lee on the grounds of sexual orientation.


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