Day: 19 May 2015

  • Marilyn Monroe Movie Retrospective

    For the whole of the month of June the BFI are running a retrospective of movies of one of world’s greatest gay icons: Miss Marilyn Monroe.

  • UK COURT: Unlawful Discriminaton For Christian Bakery Who Refused Gay Cake

    BREAKING: A UK Court has found that a bakery in Belfast, owned by Christians acted unlawfully when it refused to fulfil an order which had an inscription in support of same-sex marriage. Ashers Bakery in Belfast, Northern Ireland refused an order by Gareth Lee in July 2014. The cake in question had a message that […]

  • COMMENT: Dear Fitness Instructor

    COMMENT: Dear Fitness Instructor

    This morning I discovered not one but two new followers on twitter that were both fitness instructors, one was a supposed celebrity instructor and the other one from what I could gather was specifically for the gay community. It made me take note a bit because when I’m going through my twitter feed I am […]

  • The five best Abba comedy videos

    With Eurovision rapidly approaching most of us are recalling the dazzling days of yore where the contest could create lasting stars and songs the whole world remembered. No act, though, could ever match the massive legend that would become ABBA the fabulous foursome left a legacy that continues to influence new generations. The most interesting […]