According to sources, the gay dating and hook up app, Jack'd has got a bug which is allowing people to access private data. Here's what is at risk.

According to sources, the gay dating and hook up app, Jack’d has got a bug which is allowing people to access private data. Here’s what is at risk.

What data has been stolen on JAck'd
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As the Register announced on Tuesday, anybody with an internet browser can get access to Jack’d’s user’s photographs, regardless of whether they are set to private or whether they have been shared or not.

The app, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times and boasts hundreds of thousands of users, gives gay and bi men a chance to talk each other up, trade private and open pics, and orchestrate meetings.

“Known about the security concerns for several months”

The Register says that the app’s creators have known about the security concerns for several months.

There is no requirement for users looking to get access to private data to prove their right to access or even agree to accept the application’s terms of use.


Jack’d says the application has five million customers in nations around the globe.

Mark Girolamo, chief executive of Jack’d parent company Online Buddies said, “Our tech team is aware of the photo vulnerability and has already programmed the changes for this fix.

“They will deploy the fix this Thursday, February 7.”

Users at risk

when will the jack'd bug fix be delivered
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Users who may not be out to their families or co-workers chance having their sexuality uncovered, while the bug puts users in danger of torment or blackmail by potential abusers.

Delete data until the fix

San Francisco-based reporter Sean Nichols writes: “The app should place strict access restrictions on which images should be viewable so that if one user allows another user to see a [picture], only the receiver should be allowed to see it.”

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Nichols recommends users may want to remove their private photos until the fix has been implemented.


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