Drag Race queen Michelle Visage is recovering from breast surgery after after complaining about "breast implant illness".

Drag Race queen Michelle Visage is recovering from breast surgery after after complaining about “breast implant illness”.

The Drag Race judge, Michelle Visage is in recovery after a successful operation to remove her breast implants. The star has long-complained about breast implant illness and has talked about toxins from the implants making her ill.

Taking to social media the singer and presenter said that her fans were her angels and thanked them for their love and prayers during her hospitalisation.

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The singer has talked previously on her podcast with RuPaul, about getting her implants removed after saying that she felt ill from toxins released by the implants.

She reiterated this in an Instagram post where she said, “Now on to the heal. The toxins are gone. Breast implant illness is real. Don’t listen to anyone saying it isn’t”.

Speaking about her boobs and why gay men seem to love them, the queen of camp told THEGAYUK, “Gay boys love my boobs.  I think it’s a mother thing, I think with gay men and breasts, their mother’s or their best friends’… “I think it’s a comfort (thing)!”

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