International Non-Binary Day or #NonBinaryPeoplesDay as it became known in 2020, is an annual day to celebrate and bring visibility to people who are non-binary in the LGBT+ community. It is a relatively new awareness day in the LGBT+ calendar.

In 2021 International Non-Binary Day takes place on Wednesday 14th July 2020 and is observed all over the world.

When is Non Binary day in 2021
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The International Non-Binary day was first celebrated in 2012, making it one of the newest LGBT+ celebration or memorial days in the LGBT+ diary. It takes place on this day because it is, precisely midpoint from International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day.

What are the colours of the Non-Binary flag?

The Non Binary flag consist of 4 colours in horizontal stripes. Yellow, White Purple and Black.

Can you buy non-binary jewellery or gifts?

Yes, there are many stores which have gifts which have the non-binary colours assigned to them. Check out the amazing non-binary gift and jewellery range from our partner site, The Pride Shop.

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