The controversial speaker who has made a fortune from campus tours, a various books and speaking out against political correctness. So what do we know about Milo Yiannopoulos?

The controversial speaker who has made a fortune from campus tours, writing and speaking out against political correctness. So what do we know about Milo Yiannopoulos?

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Speaker Milo Yiannopoulos was born in the UK in a small town near Kent and attended the University of Manchester but dropped out. He also attended the Wolfson College in Cambridge but dropped out of that too.

Tours, Book deals and writing

Since the mid-2010’s Milo has embarked on numerous speaking tours of the US, addressing, as he sees it the liberal left and political correctness. He was employed by the right-wing news outlet, Breitbart until he left following comments he made about child abuse. His major campus tour, The Dangerous Faggot Tour was met with protests and boycotts. A speech he was due to make at a British school was cancelled after the Department for Education warned against the talk.

In 2016 he announced that he signed a major book deal with an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The deal was reportedly worth $250,000. The book, Dangerous, was later dropped by the publisher but released on his own label, become a best seller in the US.

Is Milo Yiannopoulos gay?

Yes but maybe no?

Somewhat controversially Milo has said that he “chose” to be gay.

In a column for Breitbart the 6-foot journalist and commentator also claimed that he “chose to be gay” when he was 15 where he lost his ”virginity in a fivesome with two boys and two girls.”

He said that he “only plumped for homosexuality to irritate my parents”.

In 2015 the journalist claimed he would “cure” his homosexuality if he could. According to Raw Story, Yiannopoulos said, “If I could choose, I wouldn’t be a homosexual. That doesn’t make me self-loathing.”

He also doesn’t consider there to a debate surrounding the idea that you are born gay. He told, “I thought the only people who believe in 100% nurture are the poor fools who think a man can suddenly decide he is a woman”.


Although he often associated with the alt-right political movement, Milo has stated that he does not identify as an alt-right speaker and has demanded public apologies from news outlets who have incorrectly identified him. He told that “It’s a baseless lie. The alt-right went from being a group with wide-ranging views to an ever-narrowing clutch of politically inconsequential losers. They hate my guts and they’re far too faggy for me”.

Politically speaking Milo says he’s “cultural libertarian“.

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Milo regularly speaks out against feminism, social justice, Islam and political correctness.

Is Milo married?

Yes, indeed Milo got married  to a man, known only as John in 2017. Upon marrying John, Milo claimed he was the worst racist ever, this because John is a person of colour.


Milo’s takes on various subjects has made him a love or hate personality. However, he has attracted the ire of some social media platforms. In 2016 he was banned by Twitter after they determined that he had abused another member of the community. That hasn’t stopped him from amassing huge numbers of fans on Facebook and Instagram. Currently, his Facebook page has over 2,300,000 million fans and his Instagram has nearly 380,000 fans.

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