Get Yourself a Work Space.

Not everyone has a spare room that they can set up as an office, and home desks are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of from online retailers. Working from the sofa is not ideal. Whilst it seems great at first, the novelty will soon wear off and it is not good for your posture. Also, your sofa is where you probably spend time lounging after work, so if you are sitting in the same spot all day, your work and home life are going to be inseparable.  

Try and set aside workspace – the dining table, the breakfast bar or some corner of a room. Define it as your workspace and you will be able to walk away from it when your finishing time comes around. Set up your work computer, and make it a space where you can have everything you need to do your job – pens, pads, mobile phone charger and sticky notes. Have a window open so that you get some fresh air throughout the day and a coaster for that all-important cup of coffee.