Treat Your Day As If You Are At Work.

If you are easily distracted, turn off the TV or radio. Start at your usual work time and take your regular scheduled breaks. Have a lunch break where you get away from your workspace and have that time to yourself, just as you would at work. Make sure you have planned for lunch in your weekly shop. Normally most people head out of the office to the local deli for some lunch, but that might not be possible. Having proper food to eat at lunchtime will also stop you dipping into the biscuit tin all day.

One of the main benefits of being at work is being surrounded by your colleagues and supporting each other, whether it’s a work-related question or a gossip about the hot guy that messaged you the night before. Take time to check in with your colleagues at least every couple of days, preferably by video call so that you can see each other. Video calling will keep up morale, make you and your colleagues feel less isolated and remind you that you are still part of a team.

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Finish at your regular time and turn everything off, especially your work mobile phone. You will feel much better if you mentally and physically separate your work life and home life, and turning everything off will mean that you will draw a line under your working day and won’t be tempted to check for emails when the phone beeps. Once you have finished, if it helps, climb back into the PJ’s to signal your workday coming to an end.