There’s a reason you’re only allowed one item of hand luggage on the plane – too much baggage and it can take the whole thing down.

Dear The Real Me… You need to let go of past baggage.

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Dear The Real Me,

A lot has been said to you by a selection of men over the years. There have been a lot of hellos, and even more goodbyes. There have been hours upon end of conversation before days, weeks, or even months of torturous silence. You have been compared to songs with backhanded compliments. You have had your strengths praised – your altruism admired – only for these strengths to seemingly become your relationship kryptonite in the long run. There have been promises of forever. There have been I Love You’s galore. Yet, somehow what always seems to stick the most are the things that are said about you and to you. Why is this, you ask? Because you still – even after twenty-eight years – care far too much about what other people might think about you.

Look at you now, for example – you’re happy, with a man who loves you, in a job you enjoy, in a flat that is … Spacious? However, you still hold on to all of these words from others as if they are scars upon your skin. The tough love of this situation is that you have to grow up, move on, and let go – and the sooner the better. The thing is, the longer you’re holding on to all of this past life baggage, the more it is affecting your current life in the meantime. There’s a reason you’re only allowed one item of hand luggage on the plane – too much baggage and it can take the whole thing down. Worse still you’ve had this happen before, and god knows you don’t want it to be the situation this time.

Now, I don’t suggest you stop taking on these words just because others have weighed you down in the past. You just need to shred the old to make room for the new; there are a lot of words being said right now that will mean a lot more to you in the years to come than these old words mean to you right now. Listen to him and look at how far you’ve come – look at it all, the big picture, in widescreen, and HD (4K and all).

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You should have grown past those old words by now, and there’s no one but yourself holding you back from doing that. Listen to those new words and remember the journey you’ve been on; remember those bullies, remember coming out, remember each start and each end, and remember that you are a part of something real right now. These are the things you should be holding on to, not the old words that once felt like they were branded into your flesh. To quote (and possibly paraphrase) The Help, “You is smart. You is beautiful. You is special.” Learn to obsess over this. Or at least try, okay?

It’s a moment of tough love but listen to me, or at least Latrice Royale with the 5Gs … and Good God Girl, Get a Grip. Realise what you’ve accomplished. Realise what you are. Realise what you have, and live for that.

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Love from,

You (Hoping to soon be just as real as you.)

About the author: Dan Coleborn
Southern Based. Fine Art Grad. Almost Writer. Almost Artist.

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