The vulnerable victim of a violent sexual assault says he has been left ‘devastated’ by the attack.

The vulnerable victim of a violent sexual assault says he has been left  ‘devastated’ by the attack.

The victim was on a night out in Newcastle City Centre when he was subjected to the horrifying ordeal.


He told police: “I have never been the most confident of people and this incident has really devastated me.

“My self-confidence is really low and I am very anxious about being in public places with people I don’t know.

“Even to this day I feel violated, traumatised and angry that this has happened to me.”


His attacker Zain Osman, 25, of Gerald Street, Newcastle, admitted sexual assault after he approached the victim on a night out and put his hand down the man’s trousers.

He then pushed the victim’s head towards his genitals.

Last month Osman was jailed for 15 months at Newcastle Crown Court.

“Extremely traumatised”


During the 20 minute attack, Osman bit the victim on the back which resulted in him falling into a ditch where some road works were being carried out. The victim was left with multiple injuries and was extremely traumatised.

The 26-year-old victim, who has lifelong anonymity, has been described by his family as ‘a trusting young lad who is unable to defend himself’. They have praised the police for getting justice for their ‘gentle giant’.

They said: “He is so trusting of others, even when he doesn’t know people. It’s not in his nature to be nasty to anybody. He can’t really stick up for himself so how someone could take advantage of him is just incomprehensible.


“The police have been so supportive from day one and when Osman was jailed, it was a huge relief for us all.”

Detective Constable Ross Atkinson who led the case explains why protecting vulnerable people and seeking justice for this victim is exactly what police are here to do.

Det Con Atkinson said, “The morality of Osman who tried to blame the culture of Newcastle to justify his actions is totally inexcusable. He targeted a vulnerable victim and sexually assaulted him. There is no one else to blame for that but himself.


“The victim is such a lovely young man and this has utterly traumatised him. When he first came forward he was understandably extremely upset and shaken by what had happened.

“I think there was an apprehension to report it at first thinking we may not believe what he was telling us, which of course was absolutely not the case – we will treat anyone who reports such offences with compassion and our specialist officers will carry out a thorough investigation.

“My priority throughout this investigation was to really focus on the victim and support him in any way we could to ultimately get the justice he deserves.


“Osman pleaded guilty to the offence due to the irrefutable evidence put before him. It gave the victim a sense of relief that he wouldn’t have to go through a trial and that he was believed.

“I think the important message is that no one should be subject to such an assault in any circumstances.
“It is our priority to protect victims like this brave young man and make sure we do all we can to raise awareness that help and support is available.”

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If you have been a victim of rape, sexual assault or exploitation, whether this is recent or historic, please come forward and contact police on 101, or 999 in an emergency.

To contact the 24/7 Crisis Helpline contact 03333448283 or find out more about our Sexual Assault Referral Centre by searching REACH SARC online.


Victims can also contact Victims First Northumbria on 0800 011 3116 who will give independent advice and support.

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