Have you been watching the amazing new Netflix series, Sex Education – and has Ncuti Gatwa caught your eye?

Is the actor who plays Eric in Netflix's Sex Education actually gay?

Ncuti Gatwa is currently starring in the Netflix hit series, Sex Education as the openly gay character, Eric Effiong, who happens to be best friends with the main character Otis Milburn.

For Ncuti, Sex Education is his first big break into television and he’s been universally acclaimed in his character as the POC gay-best-friend.

The character that Ncuti plays is flamboyant, outgoing and not afraid to break from cisnormative behaviour, so is the actor anything like the character?

Is Ncuti Gatwa gay?

Speaking to Paper Magazine, he said that he wished that the show had been around when he was growing up because “it’s just important to see yourself represented”.

Speaking about preparing for the role he said that he didn’t want the character of Eric to be a stereotype, he added, “We’ve seen the gay best friend caricature, and we’ve seen the black best friend caricature, and I really wanted to move away from that. Shout out to (creator) Laurie Nunn for writing such a well-rounded, fully-fleshed, gay black character, because you’re in danger of making him comedic relief. But he has such a beautiful and creative story arch in the show, so it was important to me that he wasn’t a stereotype.”

Speaking about his own sexuality he revealed that he had a “thorough sex education from Scotland” because the Scottish government had introduced LGBT+ education into their curriculums, adding, “Everybody has to learn about LGBT history.”

Is there a Season 2 of Sex Education?

Netflix recently announced that it had ordered a second season of the popular series and it is expected that many of the original cast members will return for the second instalment. Netflix made the announcement on the 1st Feb, just weeks after the show’s debut on the streaming service.

No date has been given for the start date of the second series, however, it is most likely to drop in 2020. Netflix tends to work in yearly cycles so it’s likely that the new series will be ready in January 2020.


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