Valentine’s day is fast approaching (yes it is on Thursday!) and unless you’re the person who does their Christmas shopping in July, then you probably still haven’t bought that special someone a gift… This is where we come in!

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Our Style and Grooming team at THEGAYUK, have curated a list of our top 5 valentine’s day gifts for that special man in your life (or men… we ain’t judging!).

1. For the City Boy: Tailored Athlete’s Essential Dress Shirt in White (£60)

Perfect for those midweek meetings and more importantly for taking you out for dinner! The Essential Dress Shirt from Tailored Athlete is a sure fire away to put a smile on his face while making him look like a 007 doppelganger. Made from microfibre, cotton and elastane, the shirt is wrinkle resistant, breathable, quick drying and even a little stain resistant! Just in case he’s prone to spilling coffee on himself or red wine, should your dinner date get a little out of hand.

2. For the Underwear Lover: Cocksox’s Sheer Trunk ($36)/Sports Brief ($34)

So we’ve had him all suited and booted, now it’s time to get him kitted out below the belt too! The brand Cocksox is renowned worldwide for creating high quality and sexy AF underwear and they never fail to disappoint! Their new sheer collection for valentine’s day is aimed at those who like to tease and please! Our personal favourites are the Sheer Trunk and Sports Brief. Both leave just enough to the imagination, that is unless cupid pokes you with his arrow!

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3. For the Gym Bunny: Garcon Model’s KINETIC Swim Brief (£30)

If your man has kept up his new year, new gym bunny resolution, then this next item is definitely for you! Garcon Model’s KINETIC Swim Brief, will not only keep your man fit but it will help him show off all those gym gains while doing so. Exquisitely cut to show off that bubble butt and draw all attention to his package, this is a gift you both can enjoy! After all, he doesn’t have to just wear it when he works out…

4. For the Coffee Lover: Conker Spirit’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 70cl (£31)

Now buying your beau a cup of coffee on valentine’s day sounds a bit lame, let’s be honest. Even if he is the king of the Nespresso machine, a flat white from your local independent coffee roastery won’t cut it! Rest assured though we know just the thing to make him smile this valentine’s day. Conker Spirit’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is more than your average coffee liqueur, your man is worth more than that Starbuck’s grade bulls**t! He deserves a coffee liqueur that doesn’t just imitate the taste of coffee but actually is coffee. Admittedly with a bit of demerara sugar and Conker’s trademark distilled British wheat spirit. It is basically an espresso shot, that carries that extra punch! We guarantee it will put a smile on his face, just make sure he doesn’t chug the entire bottle like his morning americano!

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5. For the Craft Beer Junkie: Gosnells’ Mead x12 (£80.00)

Dating a craft beer junkie? Then this one is for you! Gosnells’ Mead is a unique modern-day take on a medieval classic. Crafted from orange blossom honey, this lightly sparkling and refreshing drink will take you on a journey to an orange grove in full bloom. Perfect to put a smile on your man’s face and add another notch on his craft beer belt. We recommend the 12 pack because let’s face it, he’s going to want more than one!

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