Just three days after internet campaigning non profit organisation ALLOUT created a petition to call for a veto on the ‘Jail The Gays’ law being considered in Nigeria, over 80,000 people have joined in the online campaign.


Today Whoopi Goldberg joined the campaign saying that she would share the news with her 300,000 + followers on mini social networking site Twitter. Within seconds hundreds more people had added their voice to the already mounting petition.


The AllOut Campaign has said this about the proposed law:


‘When the bill was first introduced, politicians said there were no gay people in their country. Our friends in Nigeria have said they are not taking this lying down – they’ve got a plan and they’re asking for our help. Right now, they are organising an unprecedented response of African advocates – both straight and gay – to speak out against this bill. Today, we are showing that not only do Nigerian LGBT people exist, but the whole world has their back. Will you stand with Nigerians against this hateful law and help us to get to 100,000 signatures?’


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‘The only way to stop this bill is to trumpet Nigerian voices for equality – supported by millions around the world. President Jonathan can veto the bill – and if he hears these Nigerian voices, he’ll have to.


We know we can drive the right message to every government and media organisation around the world to make sure President Goodluck Jonathan knows his people and their allies will not tolerate him signing this bill into law.’


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To sign the petition please visit:



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