That erosion continued when you head for the open road. This R-line 4Motion was top of the petrol range. The title itself gives a clue to what we have here then. Add that to the smoothness of the 280ps engine and you soon get no doubting that from its humble beginnings VW has given the Arteon some drama that the brand needs.

It certainly throws you into your seat when you plant the accelerator into the floor. The 4motion drivetrain keeps it planted firmly to the ground. It’s all very fast and sticky. Trying to unstick it halfway around a roundabout and into the exit does nothing to slow your progress or scare you out of your pants. It might shake up the odd passenger in the commodious rear cabin area but turning up the stereo can drown them out. And to be fair, they sit so far back that there is very little chance of them slapping you on the shoulder. If that were to happen, a quick jab on the throttle and you’d only thrown them back into their seat anyway. 0-60 comes up in 5.6 seconds and VW’s suggested top speed of 155mph is one fear not to be doubted.

It’s all adding up to be quite a rebel then. Not exactly. Slow things down a bit to enjoy the scenery and the fiery monster upfront becomes no more than a subdued kitten after the visit to the vets for “that operation”. It all becomes cute, calm and cuddly. OK not quite cuddly but you can leave your children with it safe in the knowledge that it won’t bite.

Luxury then is where this flagship model is. Should you wish to be ferried around in the rear like a stately man or woman of the land then this is a place that you can extend your entire body. There is little intrusion in the rear except perhaps for some road roar. VW have though missed a trick. There is nothing to do in the rear except play with some heater controls or sleep. What it lacks over its Audi stablemate in badge prestige snobbery, it will more than make up for with its total price.

At £44,465 as tested, it makes a good case for itself. It should be more expensive than others in the range, it is the flagship after all.

That said l can spec up a Golf R-Line to £46,540 with a selection of choice options to match the Arteon.

That in itself shows you just how much of a bargain the Arteon is or how expensive a Golf can become. Either way over the choice for the money one or two things will need to be considered. Will it fit on the drive and are you naughty enough to drive the Golf like a juvenile all the time to get the while value of pounds and pence from it? I’d say you wouldn’t. There ends the case for the Arteon. I’ll have the bigger car please.

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Passat layout
Weight of the rear door without the auto option
Bit too bland in the rear

The Lowdown

Car – Volkswagen Arteon R-Line 4Motion 280hp
Price – £44,465 (as tested)
MPG – 38.7 (combined)
Power – 280hp
0-62mph – 5.6 seconds
Top Speed – 155 mph
Co2 – 164 (g/km)

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