"People not involved in my relationship don't get to pass judgment" Amen!

Open relationships can be just as strong and stable as closed relationships.

Well, one guy “Pete” on Grindr decided to make an unsolicited judgement on one guy’s open relationship and it revealed what his thoughts on open relationships were. It’s fair to say he was read to filth and it seems that thousands of guys are agreeing with the summation.

In his message “Pete” wrote on Grindr, “Open relationship = this thing has run its [sic] course. I need better. So sorry :[“

A couple of hours later, user GayChemist wrote back and hit back at what he called “stupid societal norms”.

He wrote,

“Whew Ok. So a few things here.

  1. I didn’t message. Didn’t ask what you needed, didn’t prompt you to give an opinion.
  2. People not involved in my relationship don’t get to pass judgment on it. Are you my boyfriend? No? Great then you’re not about to tell me shit.
  3. Open relations are completely healthy and realistic choice for people. Just because they don’t fit your societal normals doesn’t mean they’re invalid.

“Being gay doesn’t fit the normal and I’m in a happy strong, beautiful relationship with my man. And you’re at home, single trolling people o Grindr to make yourself feel better”

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“Spouting ignorant opinions exactly zero people asked for”.

And then, maybe one of the best put-downs we’ve ever read, anywhere on the Internet, GayChemist finished his message with

“Fuck off bitter Betty”.

The Tweet, went viral with over 7,900 likes and over 700 retweets.

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