Prepping takes time. It’s a dark art. It’s a f*cking ball ache. So don’t cancel.

Bottoms of the world will surely and utterly get this tweet, which we think totally sums up that feeling when you’ve organised your Grindr hook up and then at the last minute, once you’ve done all your prepping, your top, pulls out – and not in a good way.

We don’t know whether tops realise the effort that goes into making sure you won’t have a poop incident mid sesh or any chumber nuts when it comes to that booty call.

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The thing is, most bottoms aren’t just “oven-ready” as it were – nope there’s a process and if a guy is particularly careful he may even have skipped meals for the night’s events – hell, we’ve even heard of some porn stars who don’t eat proper meals for up to two days before a shoot!

Check out our list of foods you should definitely avoid if you’re planning to bottom.

Bru-nO / Pixabay
Just ice for dinner tonight….

It’s a faff and there’s quite a bit of anxiety attached to it as well…

There’s always the fear that you’ve not done it enough. Or you’ve done it too much (and left an entire well of water up there).

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