It was an accident, but still… ?

Drag Race superstar Vinegar Strokes is freaking out after an ultra gross encounter with a super fan.

According to the Drag Race UK Queen, a fan described herself as a “huge fan” before spitting in her face, apparently by accident.

Eugh. Just gross. Particularly as we’re living through an outbreak of Covid-19.

The DQ said that she was “freaking out” and had to “sanitise [her] lips”.

She also uploaded a clip of her smearing disinfectant on her lips!

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Response from her fans on Twitter ranged from a strong “no” to one commentator who urged the queen not to publicly shame the fan.

We reached out to Ms Strokes to find out whether it was an accident or done on purpose, who told us, “It was an accident, she was just excited, which I don’t blame her for hahaha!”

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Guys be careful when talking to people, remember – “say it don’t spray it”.

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