The UK is home to over 170 pride events, you can find them listed over at THEPRIDESHOP’s handy pride calendar and this weekend there are 14 pride events to choose from West Lothian to Belfast to Hull. There’s no doubt that you’re never too far away from a Pride event in the UK. To find out a bit more about each pride taking place this weekend, click on the link below.

28 – 30 July 2023Bolton Pride 2023
29 July 2023Belfast Pride 2023
29 July 2023Eastbourne Pride 2023
29 July 2023Folkestone Pride 2023
29 July 2023Malvern Pride 2023
29 July 2023Morecombe Pride 2023
29 July 2023Norwich Pride 2023
29 July 2023Nottinghamshire Pride
29 July 2023Romford Pride 2023
30 July 2023Hebden Bridge 2023 / Happy Valley Pride
29 July 2023Hull Pride 2023
29 July 2023Waltham Forest Pride 2023
29 July 2023West Lothian Pride 2023 / Livingston
30 July 2023Stockport Pride 2023

When was the first pride in the UK?

The first Pride event in the UK, known as the UK’s first official Gay Pride Rally, took place in London on July 1, 1972. 

The event, organized by the Gay Liberation Front, saw around 2,000 participants marching from Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park. It was a significant milestone in the LGBTQ+ rights movement and marked the beginning of an annual tradition of Pride celebrations in the UK.

Since then, Pride events have grown in size, visibility, and importance, spreading to various cities and regions across the country. At last count, there were over 170 prides in the UK. The UK boasts two of the largest prides events in the world in London and Brighton. 

What can you expect from a Pride in the UK?

Attending a Pride event is a unique and vibrant experience that offers a wide range of activities and celebrations. While each Pride event may have its own distinct features, here are some common elements you can expect:

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LGBTQ+ Parades or March: Pride events often kick off with a colourful parade or march, where participants walk, dance, and celebrate through the streets. The parade showcases a diverse range of LGBTQ+ individuals, community organizations, allies, and floats representing different causes.

  1. Festivities and Entertainment: Pride events typically include live performances, music concerts, drag shows, dance parties, and other forms of entertainment. You can expect a lively and celebratory atmosphere, with a variety of artists, performers, and DJs taking the stage.
  2. Community Engagement: Pride is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to come together and engage with community organizations, advocacy groups, and supportive businesses. You’ll find booths, stalls, and information centres where you can learn about resources, support networks, and activism opportunities.
  3. Pride Merchandise: Pride events often feature vendors and stalls selling a wide range of merchandise, including rainbow flags, clothing, accessories, pins, stickers, and various LGBTQ+ pride-themed items. It’s a chance to show your support and purchase items that represent your identity and pride.
  4. Workshops and Panel Discussions: Many Pride events also host educational workshops, panel discussions, and speaker sessions covering various LGBTQ+ topics, such as activism, health and wellness, legal rights, and social issues. These provide opportunities for learning, dialogue, and community empowerment.
  5. Visibility and Expression: Pride events are known for their acceptance and celebration of diverse identities. Attendees often express themselves through colourful costumes, unique fashion, body art, and creative displays of individuality. Pride is a space where people feel free to be themselves without judgment.
  6. Inclusive Environment: Pride events strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees. They promote acceptance, respect, and equality for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. You can expect a supportive atmosphere where you can celebrate, connect, and feel a sense of belonging.
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