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For many, downloading a hook up / dating app is the best and most successful way of finding love. We've pinpointed which day you're most likely to download a new app to find love

For many, downloading a hook up / dating app is the best and most successful way of finding love. We’ve pinpointed which day you’re most likely to download a new app to find love

which was the horniest day in 2018
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Thanks to our analytics we’ve managed to pinpoint the day of the week which we received the most traffic for guys looking to download new dating apps.

Winter blues or Summer horn?

Overall we found that people searched our dating app review page on Sunday afternoons, with searches peaking throughout the months of June and July.

That said, 28th January 2018 was apparently the horniest or loneliest day of the year (depending on how you look at it) with scores of people looking for new dating apps to try out.

best gay chat sites
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Most people landed on our gay dating app review page at 8 PM in the evening, followed by another influx at around 10 PM in the evening.

Interestingly every Sunday sees a surge for dating app reviews or news. Searches for our gay app review page peaked in the Summer (June) but the lowest search was the last weeks of 2018 in December.

However, searches for a more traditional gay chat site, a non-app site, remained pretty constant throughout the year, with June and July being the peak months but with an usual increase in searches in October.

Do people actually find love on apps?

We recently asked our readers about whether they’ve ever found love on a dating app. Only 36 percent of those who answered the poll, had found love and were still together from meeting on an app, with another 10 percent saying they had found love, but it didn’t last.

The majority found that apps were only really good for hookups or one night stands.

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