Day: 3 February 2018

  • Is it safe for LGBT people to travel to Indonesia?

    Is it safe for LGBT people to travel to Indonesia?

    Despite homosexuality not being illegal in Indonesia, recent events have shown that it is not an entirely safe place for gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people to visit. Strictly speaking, homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia. However, the country does have a very conservative view on same-sex sexual acts. Recently there has been a crackdown […]

  • 12 Transgender Women Detained In Indonesia’s Aceh

    A YouTube video posted Sunday showed Indonesia’s North Aceh Police Chief Untung Sangaji denounce transgender people. … and extramarital sex. Reza, an LGBT activist, who asked for his real name to be concealed told Guardian, “A lot of the salons have closed because of rumors that fundamentalists will raid them after Friday prayers …

  • Rose McGowan cancels all further public appearances

    “I have given enough. I have given beauty” Actor turned activist, Rose McGowan, has cancelled upcoming public appearances to promote her new book, Brave, following on from what she’s described as a verbal assault, by a trans activist. The former Charmed actor then went on to call out her publicists, managers and the audience of […]

  • Courtney Act wins Celebrity Big Bro, Year of the Woman

    After 32 days and for the final time, Emma Willis addressed the Celebrity Big Brother house and announced live that this series’ winner, who received the most votes was Courtney Act and Ann Widdecombe as runner-up. CBB’s champion left the house to cheers from the crowd, greeted by Emma. Courtney confirmed, “This is just amazing! […]