A series of spectacular experimental short films which explore memory and gay culture. Art lovers prepare to be amazed…

1. Kiss ★★★★

A superb silent composition consisting of a single couple in frame, kissing. The black and white film has an air of romanticism and sexual lust about it. Following on from this, the same clips are played, but this time in colour and with the sound of kissing. This was a less attractive portrayal. An excellent arrangement of film and artistic questioning.

2. Birthplace ★★★

A spoken memory about growing up in a strong family unit which radiated out into the village culture. This is juxtaposed with a grainy Super 8 film full of exaggerated hue. Nostalgic and heartfelt.

3. Things Art Different Now ★★★

A film with a kind of painterly image quality. Single face shots are placed into context through a memory of persecution and the painful sadness of friends dying. A ghostly reflection on the AIDs epidemic.

4. Happy ★★★★★

This short displays a lyrical based approach with strong conceptual integrity. There is a continual flux of beliefs and desires through this duality of religious speech versus popular culture icons, such as Judy Garland. Outstanding and poignant dichotomy. The one to watch!

5. Postface  ★★★★

An exploration into the life of Montgomery Cliff, where an accident left him in pieces. The film work replicated this idea through a fragmented pausing and playing of film; a very experimental approach. It is suggestive of the consequences of his accident. Although this type of work probably will not be understood by the majority of people, it certainly comes highly commended for all the experimental art film lovers out there.

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6. I’m Leaving on Wednesday ★★★

This looks at love and memory of this love though a footage style of filming. The passion when eyes lock together, the closeness, the feeling, the companionship. A gentle film.

7. Pop! ★★

This short film is like a collaged composition; a mash up between film, words, music and artistic overlay. Slightly confusing and ambiguous.

8. How To Talk To Kids ★

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With a miminal music overlay, reminiscent of Sigur Ros, this film wasn’t as well executed as it could have been. Forgettable.

9. Like Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship ★

Poetic in expression, but incoherent in storyline. However, this incoherence perhaps adds to its beauty.

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