Guys, if you find yourself unable to last long in bed – we’ve got ten tips that might help.

You’re halfway through your performance with a totally hot guy you just met, when without warning your little Mister calls time. Yes, you’ve spaffed your load without warning. The little swimmers are taking a curtain call as you mutter “I’m so sorry, i.. i…” (I mean, what do you say as he’s riving in agony with man juice in his eye….. ‘It Burrrrrnnnns’)

Here are our top tips to making sure you last longer in the sack.

1) Homework.

The best part of this lesson is that you get to do homework and as much of it as you like. A wank is a key element to why many men prematurely blow their loads. Why? Well if you train yourself to cum quite quickly when you’re alone, the chances are that you will do exactly the same when you’re with a partner. So next time your palm is dating your dick, work your way up to 15 minutes, 20 minutes and for those who have cocks of rock try 30 minutes. Try bringing yourself to the point of no return and then stop before you explode. Giving yourself a moment to relax and start again.

Give yourself a moment to relax and start again.

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2) Round 2.

Usually, the second time in a day may take longer to achieve climax. There are two ways. You choke the chicken before you go out for a shag, but if you’re hours in-between meeting your butt buddy, then you can always get down to it twice with the same bloke in one night – a 5-minute breather and climb onboard again! Plus you’ll look like a stud who can go multiple times in an evening. Win win.

3) Less Stimulation.

If you’re finding it all too much, just pause for a moment. Find a position where you are less stimulated. Why not call “All Change” and swap positions or roles even. Not only does this give you a moment, but also adds an element of workout to your session.

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It also acts as a communication device! Letting each other know you’re having a great time! The receiver on top will often help with a less stimulating f**k for your penis as he’ll have more control over the thrusts and strokes, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the view.


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