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By The Gay UK, Sep 2 2014 05:58PM

How good can it be to feel bad?

by Newsdesk | 2nd September 2014

The new music video from out solo artist Brett Gleason, explores just how beautiful Destruction can be.

Gun fire and smoke give way to White Flags and rainbows as Brett Gleason claws his way to freedom, his captor & savior his own self.

'Destruction' is the Fifth & Final Music Video from Brett Gleason's self titled debut record. Here is a playlist of all 5

'Brett Gleason' is available now on iTunes or the CD/Download from BandCamp:

By The Gay UK, Sep 2 2014 05:03PM

Presenting The Freemasons, a Grammy nominated Brighton based English-Irish duo of DJ’s, producers and remixers. They are known the world over for their incredible remixes of some of the world’s biggest artists, here they give us the lowdown on new album Shakedown 3, and working with the Minogues.

by George McPhail | 2nd September 2014

Absolutely love Shakedown 3! The dance scene has seen a massive change and resurgence after a rough few years, is that one of the reasons why you scaled back a bit on Freemasons duties?

First of all we’re both so glad you love it as it was a labour of love and very personal. Yes we pulled back a touch when the sound changed and what we tend to call new trance (EDM) came to the fore, as a lot of it wasn’t our thing (we do dabble, just never inhale). Also sonic production changes in dance music, meant everyone from our era was caught a little bit with pants down and had to dig back in, do some homework and get everything sounding bigger, better, faster (and even stronger). It was a 2 year process - possibly more, to get the new material sounding the way we wanted and just as we were firing back up, what should happen? ... Classic house suddenly jumped back into the public psyche and before you knew it pianos and organ bass lines were back - Yipeeeeee. Not only that, the young producers had moved the sound on even further and suddenly you find yourself very excitedly poring over Cool Cut and Buzz Chart listings, as some brilliant new House classics are being made!

I’m afraid, I need to ask the obligatory “why did you choose Freemasons” for a name? Is it because you are secretly plotting to take over the world, one remix at a time?

It would have worked if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!! Anyone old enough to remember Hannah Barbera raise your hands (quietly) now... It is actually a fairly mundane answer - the first FM studio was very close to Hove’s Freemasons Tavern and it was a great Friday night pub back then where literally anything could happen. The record company phoned up for an artist name whilst we’d popped out to get some ‘air’ and we looked down at the menu. However one day later I was coming back from a horrible meeting in London after a Japanese project had gone completely beyond pear and I noticed I was surrounded by a really chatty bunch of (what can only be described as) pensioners. They’d just been up to some do at the Lord Mayor of Westminster’s (the proper posh London Mayor, not the blond Tory jester) and were swapping war stories. I have to say I was really warmed by their friendship and later on they kept talking about the lodge - I was surrounded by Freemasons! Life has a funny way of doing that. If you dig deep there really are no coincidences.

You recently launched a little side project called “Pegasus” what made you want to do that?

It was a reaction to some of the one note anti-musical Noise Fest that seemed to be everywhere when Dubstep and EDM hit hard. Now I’ll never be snobby about any movement as without punk, there would not have been New Wave, and without New Wave we wouldn’t have had Yazoo, ABC’s Lexicon of Love and Blue Monday by New Order. But personally (and call me old fashioned) I love a good ol’ chord change with a cracking vocal melody across it, making your ears breathe and the hairs on your arms stand up. Now a few years back, the hairs were standing up on my arms but mainly in blind panic as much of the sound of ‘then’ resembled a Combine Harvester eating Notting Hill’s vinyl exchange and appeared to actually only have one note in it (and bit of ‘wobble’ - whatever that was). When ruined a perfectly good Dirty Dancing ballad, that was the straw that not only broke the camel’s back, but gave it a damn good shafting too. We had to do something, so we started Pegasus as a guise in which we could make beautiful things again. Across tempos and sometimes outside of house, whilst everyone else was trying to make sounds to scare young children. Luckily the East End was brimming full of pride having

rediscovered house again, and in no time we felt thoroughly fashionable again. In The Blue from Shakedown II was the first Pegasus track ever and we’d never thought organ bass lines would come back - who knew!

You guys are massively famous all over the world, where do you love playing most?

England, Australia, America and the Balkans have been our second homes for the last 10 years so they will always be special, but every gig is a new adventure and new friends to make, so we never look shy to any trip.

You also have a massive following in the gay clubbing culture, did you ever expect that?

No, it came as a completely wonderful surprise, but let’s be honest here - there’s no better place in the world than a gay club for a good sing-along, and as you know, we do LOVE a Diva, and we love our songs. To be supported for so long so passionately by such a wonderful community is (I would happily say) one of our greatest accolades. We’ve made life-long friends, we had our own tribute float at Sydney Mardi Gras, and some utterly amazing things have happened, including a waxing in Fire Island!

Still on the ‘gay theme’ you also remixed queen of the gays, Kylie, what was that like and did she like it?

It was simply brilliant. My dear friend Steve Anderson has been involved in the live shows for years and Biff Stannard and Ash who worked on The One and with Kylie for years, are wonderful chums, so we’ve only ever been a few degrees of separation from Team Minogue. Also, after meeting and chatting to Dannii a few stolen times in Oz, I have to say that nature could not have produced a nicer/kinder pair of artists, role models and businesswomen than Kylie and Dannii if it tried to, and they deserve every bit of love they get from us all.

The Freemasons
The Freemasons

How did it feel being nominated for a Grammy award?

I think I nearly got run over when I got the call! It’s the kinda reverse of stopping traffic and we are both so incredibly proud. I think my favourite part was texting my Father. He’s recently retired and has only just told me he always wanted to get into the music industry as a singer as a young man in the 50s. Unfortunately he was from a tiny village in the country and he was never able to fulfill his heart’s ambition. When I saw him next he bought up an engraved glass he’d had made just so I would get something whether we won or not. I had no idea just how incredibly proud he was of me until then and it made me melt.

You have remixed some of the biggest names in music, is there anyone you would love to remix that you haven’t yet?

Will someone please send us all the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ and ‘Off the Wall’ multi-tracks and the big ones from Whitney’s first album for good measure? We’ve actually done incredibly well and to be honest, the more we’re hearing the new breed, the more I’m getting excited about the next lot of singers coming through.

Did anyone ever turn down an offer of a Freemasons’ mix (name and shame)?

I can hold my head up and actually say. we’ve never offered, we’ve only ever been asked. Although, there is a magnificent Emile Sandé bootleg of Heaven on the studio drives somewhere. You would be amazed if we told you who we’ve turned down though ;0

On Shakedown 3, Venice In Peril is my favourite track as it samples one of my favourite pieces of music, if you had to pick, what would be your favourite “Freemasons” song off Shakedown 3?

I’m so glad so many people have picked that up! I was utterly, utterly obsessed with the track as a teenager, after hearing it at a warehouse party in the very early 90s. I have always wanted to cover it, but only now has the sampling of strings got so incredibly accurate I felt we could do it justice. As for personal faves, I love so many of them. Lyrically, I think Sea of Fire is total genius - ‘Here comes the thunder valentine with stormy kisses’...Emma had visions of Henry VIII’s battleships on fire off the shore of the white cliffs of Dover. But also, HANA (a local Brighton artist) has written one hell of a song in True Love Survivor. But you know we love our girls, and Amanda’s Let It Be Me, Bailey’s The Fall, Jude’s Paradise, and In The Blue have not been off the stereo. However, simply because it was amazing to record our friend doing that incredible Gravity- esque ad-lib in our studio and, because of the fun we had writing it with her and Ben Onono, it has to be us and Katherine Ellis’ Cold Light Of Day.

Any big names lined up for a future Freemasons’ remix, and can you give us a little hint?

For the moment, after months of endless work on Shakedown 3 it’s time to tour, rest and recuperate, so all that we have right now, we give to you on this release!

What has been your personal favourite Freemasons’ remix you have done?

I can’t pick one - Whitney for the look on our friend Scott’s face when we took him to the studio to play him the finished mix (to call him an enormous Whitney fan would be painfully underestimating the situation - I’m convinced he had a draw full of restraining orders), but also Deja Vu Beyoncé. I remember calling our manager and telling him it was going to be career changing when we completed it (how right we were), but my love of it is very personal. It was the first time we’d got the sounds utterly bang on - Disco colliding with House and a set of chords even Nile Rogers could have been proud of. To see so many smiling faces of so many crowds over the years when it’s played and know you’ve made people happy, I’d take that over any success any day, month or year. Now, ‘Ring the Alarm’...there’s another chapter!!

Sum up Shakedown 3 in 3 words or less

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

By The Gay UK, Sep 1 2014 05:09PM

As a child of the ’80’s, I love synth pop, its mothers milk to me. Give me some retro synth and I’m in heaven, sprinkle some John Foxx-esque lyrics and I’ll love you long time!

by Chris Jones | 1st September 2014


Batsch do both - I’d marry them tomorrow if I could! This Midlands based quartet are channelling Talking Heads in their lyrical twists, their playful mix of synth, guitar and decent bass line.

they follow up their 2013 EP “Tiles” with this lovely offering, “Collar”

Celine is a playful tune that is very reminiscent of the early ’80’s - reminds me so much of the stuff Blitz kids listened to, early Ultravox, very early Spandau… not taking itself too seriously, but seriously enough.

22 sounds like a good Howard Jones track with a spoonful of Aztec Camera or Lloyd Cole - the music is sparse, so you contrite on the lyrics and Batsch do a very good lyric!

Did You Hear About Argine is a slower track, with some spoken word, nice mix of styles and a change of tempo.

Mirrorball channels so much Lloyd Cole it's untrue - whether it's intentional or not. The lyrics again make this song so strong, the music, as with so much ’80’s stuff, is almost secondary.

Can’t Tell is a change again in that it moves things up a gear and changes the tempo - showing their influences of Talking Heads and Chic!

The band describe their sound as gutter glamour, and I’d have to agree - if you're a pure ’80’s groupie like me, and love the sounds of La Roux, etc in terms of current acts, then give this band a go. I love hearing new music, its the John Peel in me... and this group don't disappoint at all. One to follow!

Their sounds are available from Amazon and iTunes

I love them so much, I’d give them 5 starts for this current EP

By The Gay UK, Sep 1 2014 03:07PM

Sam Smith caused quite a few headlines earlier this year when he came out, However he’s not the only soul singer “out” there at the moment.

by Barry Heap | 1st September 2014

Sam Dickinson has been touring and promoting his album pretty much consistently this year, along with performing in a few pride festivals.

I grabbed some time with Sam in between gigs to pose some questions,

What are your main musical influences?

When I went in to record the album I really listened to artists such as Paloma Faith and Aretha Franklin, however, since I finished the album and the more I listen to it, the more I see the Northern Soul influences that keep appearing in reviews, probably because it’s bold and brassy. Vocal influences really come from artists like Mica Paris and Mick Hucknall as their skill is impeccable.

"The Stories That Occurred" came out about a year ago, what’s changed for you in that time?

Well not the fame and fortune I envisaged! Seriously though, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve learnt you actually spend the least amount of time singing, which is the whole aim of making music. Luckily, I enjoy the business side of things though. I’ve also learnt that no matter who you are and what your dream is you should go and try achieving it; I said I never wanted to live my life by saying, “what if I’d done that” at any point. They’re some wise words.

What would you do differently listening to the album now?

I think the presentation around the first single How It Used To Be wasn’t what I wanted and I’d really rework a lot of that because it’s such a good song, a song which I thought had the most potential of being a club hit. I hadn’t really learnt how best to spend money when releasing that. I’d also liked to have included another two or three songs onto the original album but I was financially tied to just the 10 songs, it’s partly why I’m releasing the deluxe edition now, I’ve included so many remixes and acoustic songs so people can really see these songs in as many ways as they’d like.

How important is social media to an artist launching a career now?

VERY, especially if you’re like me and completely unsigned with no management or label. The thing about social media is that it’s allowing artists like me to make music they love and be able to reach people without paying radio pluggers and advertising campaigns. I spend a lot of time making sure everything I put out on my fan page is worthwhile and engaging so that people can see what I am up to.

Where would you prefer to perform, a small intimate gig or large open stage at a festival?

Both gigs have their plus points. If I’m playing a small intimate gig then I can chat more and have banter with the audience. If I’m playing a festival then it’s more about playing the songs and making the set upbeat and danceable. I really enjoy both as I love playing outdoors and I love being able to chat about the songs.

With Sam Smith coming out it started a lot of conversations. Is it important for artists to be openly gay?

Yes. I really struggle to understand why this is still considered an issue in the UK. Good on Sam Smith I say. The music industry has had gay people in it for years and years and yet there still seems to be some stigma or need from the media to publicise it. I really thought we’d have been past this point by now. I am glad that artists are coming out and trying to normalise the situation, it should have happened a long time ago.

You've never hidden your sexuality, why was this important?

I think because the songs I sing are autobiographical, personal and at times tug on the heartstrings. How could I portray the truth of my lyrics without being honest about who I am?

Which new artists do you listen to?

I listen to Paloma Faith, Sam Smith and John Newman a lot. I am loving the soul revival that is currently taking place in this country.

You've had "when you left me" played on the Graham Norton show on radio 2, any TV in the pipeline?

Never say never. I have been trying; it’s just a matter of the right show picking me up. Any TV producers reading get in touch!

What do the next 12 months hold for you?

Promoting When You Left Me and the album. I’ll be touring and playing live a lot more over the next year. This is all going to fund my second album and I’ll be presenting the Pride Radio Saturday Breakfast Radio Show come the end of August. It’s the UK’s biggest community LGBT radio station and one more LGBT people need to be made aware of because they’re doing great things. I’ll be busy that’s for sure!

Watch When You Left Me

“The Stories That Occurred” is available on Itunes.

Follow Sam Dickingson On Twitter and On Facebook

By The Gay UK, Sep 1 2014 01:19PM

Go Nuts for Nuts!

by Fiona Kirk | 1st September 2014


Many people avoid or limit their consumption of nuts because they believe them to be ‘fattening’ and/or ‘unhealthy’ because they are rich in saturated fats and these fats have merited more than a little bad publicity over the past 20 years or so. But hallelujah, the ‘experts‘ are backing down and at last, admitting that a little saturated fat in our diet is not only good for us but essential for a long and healthy life. And in a nutshell (forgive the pun), where better to get a small but fabulous source of health-enhancing fats, a wealth of vitamins, minerals and protective plant chemicals and an easy and portable snack to keep energy levels optimum than in a nut?


Almonds are super-rich in both monounsaturated fats and potassium which both help to regulate blood pressure and keep the heart healthy - have a handful with a piece of fruit as a snack or toast them and sling then into salads for a deliciously-crunchy added extra.

Pistachios are a great source of lutein, a plant chemical which helps to keep our skin healthy and wrinkle-free and our eyes sharp as a hawk - snack on them, bash them up a bit and add them to curries or make pistachio ice cream (addictive!)

Peanuts are not actually nuts, they are part of the pea family but let’s not get too pedantic here. When combined with almonds or brown rice they provide what is known as a ‘complete protein’ and protein is essential for building and repairing the body on a daily basis - fresh is best on the peanut front and to avoid the often-invasive desire to overindulge on the oh-so-morish peanut, go for packs of mixed, fresh nuts where they don’t play a major role.

Walnuts are THE nuts for heart, bone and brain health, principally because they are the only nuts in the nut kingdom that provide Omega 3 fatty acids. Many of us are deficient in Omega 3 fats and as we can’t make them within the body we have to get them from our diet. Just a handful of fresh walnuts per day has been linked with improved health in many studies - add them to your morning cereal mix or for a treat, coat them in a little salt and honey and roast until the smell alone makes you unable to resist eating them straight from the oven!

Pecans are believed to have the greatest antioxidant capacity of all nuts. They contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals and there are few foods that can claim this title. Plants have chemicals that protect themselves from disease and when we consume these antioxidant chemicals we are similarly protected - it’s hard to beat the deliciousness of a pecan tart but if you are watching your waistline, simply snack on them or crush them up and scatter them on all sorts of savoury dishes.

Hazelnuts are rich in folic acid. The body needs folic acid to produce red blood cells and insufficient production of red blood cells results in anaemia. Alongside pine nuts and almonds, they also contain the least amount of saturated fats and whilst saturated fats are essential to hormone health, we only need small daily doses. Snack on them or slather hazelnut butter on a couple of oatcakes when the hunger monster beckons.

Cashews are stress busters. They are packed with magnesium, the smooth operator which, when rich in the diet lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, reduces asthma attacks, counteracts constipation and prevents muscle injury - like peanuts, they are not actually nuts (in this case they are seeds) but call them what you will, their health benefits are hard to argue with so get them into your life!

Brazil Nuts are super-rich in selenium, a mineral that plays an essential role in our defence against disease and which our ancestors didn’t have to think about. However, modern farming methods have seen a depletion of selenium in the soil used to grow crops and deficiency is now common. Selenium is a mineral that we only require in small daily doses and just a handful of brazil nuts per day can up your defences - to get the max from them, make sure your Brazils are fresh, creamy and crunchy rather than tired, brittle and close to their ‘sell by date’.

Fiona Kirk is a nutritionist, a regular contributor to weight-related articles in magazines, newspapers and websites and author of several fat loss books including the recently-published 2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane - Super Fast Fat Loss for Super Busy People.

By The Gay UK, Sep 1 2014 12:18PM


by Roger Walker-Dack | 1st September 2014


Im A Pornstar | TLA Releasing
Im A Pornstar | TLA Releasing

Filmmaker Charlie David's light-hearted rambling review of the burgeoning gay pornography industry could never be mistaken as a serious piece of investigative journalism. After speedily racing through the whole history of the business from its birth in the 1930's up to present day, the documentary focuses on four of the most successful performers today. They have probably earned the accolade of 'star' but then again this grossly overused title has now been claimed by everyone who has ever had a bit part in a movie or video. And there are a lot of them. In our internet based culture there now an estimated 370 million porn websites online contributing the bulk of a $13 billion business worldwide!

Im A Pornstar | TLA Releasing
Im A Pornstar | TLA Releasing

All of David's subjects are very affable men and happy enough to candidly share their views on controversial topics such as barebacking, HIV, social stigma, fetishes and escorting. The whole question of gay-for-pay was also discussed by them and not always in a positive manner. Whilst Colby Jansen's attitude regarding his evolving sexuality was refreshingly honest, Johnny Rapid's constant reminders of not only how straight he was ('When I am being f..ked by a guy, I keep thinking of my girlfriend just so that I can remain erect') became very tiresome.

And with interviews with Ryan R a leading director (and a heterosexual) who claimed as others did that he did gay instead of straight porn because it was financially more lucrative, David never pushed him or anyone else further on this issue. The fact that there are seemingly so many straight men either side of the camera seems to indicate that as a community we still haven't dispensed with all our internalised homophobia.

The most likable, and by far the most level-headed of the pornstars featured, was the young-looking 29 years old Canadian Brent Everett. He's not only an out proud gay man, but a happily married one who also has the full support of his parents for his chosen line of work. Everett, quite a charmer, is very effusive about his very successful career and doesn't proffer any hint of regret or become an apologist for his roles like so many of his peers. He revels in the fact that it his work is fun and that he is clearly committed to make it as entertaining and sexy as possible for his legions of fans.

And that was probably David's motives in making this titillating movie with its explicit scenes of sex and a seemingly endless parade of erect penises that often distract you from some of his narration. He also succeeds in making the industry look like a well-run corporate type business far removed from its old sleazy and seedy back-street image. It's an enjoyable and diverting lively romp that will fascinate and amuse anybody with the slightest interest in the subject i.e. all gay men!

By The Gay UK, Sep 1 2014 09:06AM

Y'all - We loves Britney.

by Newsdesk | 1st September 2014

Britney RCA
Britney RCA

Britney has known adversity and struggle, so when a gay fan wrote her a letter to tell her that she had given him the courage to come out, she replied in the most perfect way.

Super fan David LeCours received this letter from the Work Bitch singer:

LeCours explained on his Instagram account that the letter 'helped me get through a real tough period in my life these past couple of months, and how I wanted to end it all but she made me be strong. As I was leaving the building where meet and greet was held, Britney's body guard ran and stopped me and said Britney requested my address so she could respond because my letter meant so much to her. Thank you for everything Britney. I wouldn't be able to be so confident and open about my sexuality if your music and you didn't help me.'

Brilliant move from one of our modern gay icons!

Now we wait with bated breath to hear from the Westboro Baptist Church that they'll picket whatever she does next.

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By The Gay UK, Aug 31 2014 08:41PM

Diving hottie and Chris Mears' bestie, Jack Laugher has posted a picture of himself, looking slimmer and more buff than ever.

by Newsdesk | 31st August 2014

Jack Laugher | Instagram
Jack Laugher | Instagram

Jack Laugher certainly knows how to make an impact. He posted this picture on his Instagram showing a remarkably toned body, looking slim and healthy whilst on holiday.

Laugher who is currently on holiday in Morocco captioned the pic, 'Nice relaxing day by the pool :)'

Good for him! Keep the pictures coming!

Last month Jack and Chris both took a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

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