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By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 04:52PM

As we sit down to talk with Stacey Solomon, she blurts out, “I’m probably more gay than anyone who reads the magazine…” We can tell this is going to go very well indeed.

TGUK: What’s the best thing about being Stacey Solomon?

SS: The best thing about being me is getting to dress up and go to amazing things and do the job that I’ve always dreamed about doing.

TGUK: Is this something you’re wearing later? (pointing at a dress even a Disney princess might have trouble pulling off.)

SS: Yeah… (Laughs) It’s my Cinderella dress… Most people go for what is going to look cool and fashionable, because they’re gonna get pictured… I went for like, what is the most glittery, sequin-ey most Disney-ey dress I can get.

TGUK: We’ve seen you’ve written a book and a GBF features prominently… What’s the best thing about a gay best friend?

SS: The best thing about having a gay best friend is the brutal honesty that I can always count on. If I do look like absolute poo, then he’ll be like, “Oh my god babes, don’t go on…”

TGUK: Marry snog and avoid… Elton John, Sam Smith and Boy George

SS: I would marry Elton John, he seems like he’s got it altogether. You know, comfortable, I mean I can’t marry him… He’s already married… I’d quite like to snog Sam Smith… If the opportunity ever arose… I wouldn’t say no.

TGUK: So you’re going to be avoiding Boy George?

SS: Oh that means I’m going to have to avoid Boy George! Can’t there be a best friend option?

TGUK: Do you know what Amyl Nitrate is?

SS: I have no idea…

TGUK: It’s poppers…

SS: Oh yeah, you sniff them and like they make your bum bigger? Is that right?

TGUK: It could do… Have you done it?

SS: No… (laughs) I’ve never done anything like that… I’m such a geek.

TGUK: Okay, so today we asked the internet how gay Stacey Solomon is and it answered, “It has come from reliable sources that she has been know to have the odd girl fling!”

SS: Ohhh! Who’s the reliable source?

TGUK: Answers.com

SS:(Shrieks with laughter)

I’ve never had a girl fling, I’m sorry to say, But I feel like I’m a gay man rather than a gay woman. I feel really camp. I’m like the campest person you’ve ever met trapped inside a woman’s body.

TGUK: Do you know who else said that? Cheryl Baker!

SS: Yeah well… me and her. Same person. (Laughs)

TGUK: So champagne is…

SS: A drink? A drink that tastes like fizzy wee if I’m honest. Yeah it’s not my favourite. For sure.

TGUK: Who is your favourite Kardashian?

SS: Humm, that’s a toughie. I think I like Courtney the best. For some reason… oh no, Chloe.. (manager agrees). Chloe’s got like the most, funnest personality, but I like Courtney’s dress sense. I think she’s got great fashion.

TGUK: So your new single is about being Shy. You don’t come across as Shy…

SS: Really?

TGUK: You did once tell an arena of people you were going to poo yourself…

SS: I’m quite happy and open to share my feelings with people, but when it comes to like intimate situations I get really shy.

TGUK: So what’s the gayest thing about you?

a) Losing the X Factor to Joe McElderry

SS: Is that gay?

For the purposes of this interview yes…

b) The Iceland ads.

c) Judging Top Dog Model

SS: Top dog model. I got to be the campest presenter ever. 

TGUK: Do you have a dog?

SS: I have a Chihuahua Pomeranian. Hashtag Gay.

TGUK: In your house are we most likely to find a shrine to:

Peter Andre

Kylie Minogue

Or Simon Cowell?

SS: Kylie. I’m obsessed with Dannii, I am in love with her.

TGUK: So you’d use her as a conduit to Dannii?

SS: I mean it’s my only connection to Dannii. She’s genuinely the loveliest lady ever in the whole entire world. She still keeps in contact with me six years later. Whenever I do something she texts, “Well done, I love this” I love her.

TGUK: We do love a bit of Dannii if truth be told…

SS: I’ve got all her albums.

TGUK: We’ve had a lot of sex to those albums… (with ourselves…)

SS: Me too. (laughs)

TGUK: Tell us something wildly camp about Simon Cowell

SS: Everything. (Laughs.) Really. He wears like the tightest trousers, he is so well pruned, he really looks after himself everything about him is camp.

TGUK: Did you get to know anything about his dressing room activities?

SS: No and I’m not upset about that. I’d rather not know.

TGUK: What’s the best way to get back at a cheating lover?

1) Bottle of Red, singing All By Myself out the window,

2) Cutting up his silks,

3) Everything he owns in a box to the left?

SS: Ermm. I think I’d be the one singing to the window. I’d probably be making my own rain. Just to add a bit of effect.

TGUK: What do you feel about men in oneies?

SS: I mean each to their own. They’re not attractive on anyone are they? But you know, comfort comes first.

TGUK: What should Cher do next?

SS: Come and see me. I love her. Cher if you’re listening. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet you. If you’re not busy.

TGUK: What would you do if she actually came back to yours?

SS: I don’t know. Probably sing her songs back to her.

TGUK: We’re just imagining Cher’s face.

SS: (laughs) She’d love it!

TGUK: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever read about yourself?

SS: People always write about how I’m feeling. There’s always like a headline: “Stacey’s tired today…” I’m like ‘no I just didn’t wear make up”, “Stacey’s really upset or heart broken today”. I’m like no! Didn’t anyone wanna ask me.

Sometimes people go on and randomly change my Wikipedia page. They add little things. It gets taken off the next day because it has to be confirmed, but it goes up for 24 hours. The other day someone wrote: “Stacey is currently dating Steve O who she thinks is a great person and she’s really excited to have met such a wonderful man…” I was like who took the time to write this nonsense.

Once someone on there wrote my eldest son’s dad was gay. That was on there for 24 hours.

TGUK: That gives you multiple points if that’s true…

SS: It’s not. Maybe I should just roll with it… He may take me to court over it. But as long as I get points.. (Laughs)

TGUK: Finish this gay mantra….

Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood…

SS: I didn’t hear a word you just said then!

TGUK: (We repeat) Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood… finish…

SS:(Looks blankly at us) Sing it to me…

TGUK: We can’t it’s a rap.

SS: (looks a little lost)

TGUK: Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood, strike a pose there’s…

SS: And?

TGUK: There’s nothing…

SS: To it?

TGUK: Wow. Minus-five.

SS: Sorry I was struggling..

TGUK: Do you know who Madonna is?

SS: Stop it!

TGUK: Will you ever wear a cape?

SS: Not now… She handled that so well.

TGUK: Have you ever fallen on stage?

SS: No. But ratio to the amount of times I’ve been on stage and Madonna’s been on stage…

TGUK: You don’t do too much dancing do you?

SS: Come on now, look at me. I’m not the dancing type am I. I’ve got two left feet and I’m like a stork. I trip over thin air. It’s best for me to sit still. Maybe a little walk to the right.

TGUK: Do you know what Space Docking is?

SS: No… by the smile on your face it does not sound good!

TGUK: We learnt this one from The Overtones! Well it’s when two men “dock” with each other’s penises,with their foreskins…

SS: (Looks astounded at us)

Like a little hoody? Well the Jews wouldn’t like it would they! How they gonna do that? That’s not for everyone. That’s why I don’t know!

Stacey’s album is out now

By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 01:47PM

Big Brother's Joel Williams is worried about the fall out from Aaron's unexpected removal from the compound in yesterday's show.

Channel 5
Channel 5

Openly gay Big Brother contestant Aaron. 24, was removed from Big Brother for what producers called "inappropriate behaviour", when he paraded around the bedroom and chased Joel Williams, 19, naked.

In tonight's show Sarah has it in for Joel. During a blazing row, Sarah has suggested that Joel led Aaron on. In tonight's episode an argument breaks out where Sarah tells Joel that his behaviour in the wake of Aaron’s departure has been inappropriate.

Joel asks what Sarah’s reaction would have been if she had been in that situation. Sarah says,

“No one in this house would do that to me because I would have made it extremely, unequivocally clear that that was not on.”

Joel responds, “What are you trying to suggest?”

Nick tries to defend Joel but Sarah tells him not to get involved.

Sarah says, “I have no issue with the fact they removed Aaron. My issue is you then parade around in women’s clothing. You encourage it.”

Joel responds: “I think that’s bang out of order for you to suggest that justifies his actions.”

“I have no issue with the fact they removed Aaron. My issue is you then parade around in women’s clothing. You encourage it.”

Joel replied: “I think that’s bang out of order for you to suggest that justifies his actions.”

Later in the bath Nick and Joel are talking, Joel is worried about how he will be percieved out of the house saying: “There will be a hate campaign against me.”

By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 01:21PM

Even though multi-millionaire NY gay hoteliers Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass have now hired Omar Sharif Jnr as their PR Spokesman to try and stop the stem of anger and outrage over their support of anti-gay Senator Ted Cruz, the campaign keeps mounting to boycott all their businesses.

The latest one to pitch in with his comments is venerable author and activist Armistead Maupin who reacted yesterday with this tweet.

"I'm the only gay man I know who has never been to Fire Island. I have not made a point of staying away -- its charms are legendary, of course -- but the occasion has simply never presented itself. Now, it's quite likely that I will remain forever virginal in that regard. Or at least until these guys are no longer collecting money at the dock. When I coined the term 'A-gay' forty years ago, these were just the sort of creeps I had in mind. It was never intended as something to aspire to."

Reisner and Weiderpass have being compounded their problems after the initial outcry to them hosting the Right Wing Presidential Candidate by giving a whole string of interviews in the media such as NY Magazine intended as a form of apology but completely backfiring when Reisner criticised the gay community which he claimed considered it ‘entitled’ as well the fact they were ‘cheap’.


By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 10:36AM

Marc O' Neil, who is due be one of the new housemates on Big Brother this evening once starred in a reality series on Irish Television called Tallafornia.


In this clip Marc O'Neil, scientist by day and UK pleasure boy by night, claims he caused the Tsunami when every women in the world orgasmed over him at the same time.

In the brief video clip Marc is explaining how he was born, apparently his father was a dragon and his mother was a unicorn. It's a bit of a story, watch it here:

By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 09:54AM

In time for this year’s pride season the world’s first gay fighting game, GAY FIGHTER SUPREME, with ten LGBT fighters – including drag queen Carrie Cupcake, GoGo Gary, lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears – all competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion.

GAY FIGHTER SUPREME is available for purchase now on iTunes, Windows and Google Play.

“The idea for GAY FIGHTER SUPREME arose from banter between friends discussing our mutual love for 90’s fighting games,” says Michael Patrick, the game’s founder and creator.

“The characters are all influenced by dated jokes, pop culture icons, and camp. We wanted it to be like a pride parade gone rogue.”

"The game is intended to be irreverent, satirical, fun spirited and ironic."

Melchor Cardenas, the games co-creator added, “Anyone who mistakenly views the game as offensive or feels it perpetuates gay stereotypes is missing the point.

“It’s pure satire. We don’t mean to offend anyone. If it does offend someone, we hope it inspires them to create a fun queer themed game of their own.”

There are twelve levels in all. The final three characters that must be defeated to win the game are The League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ for short). They are the real enemies, a group whose aim is to wipe out the LGBT community by brainwashing its members and transforming them into gay hating cyborgs.

To preserve the tongue in cheek nature of the game, no blood or gore is ever seen in GAY FIGHTER SUPREME, only rainbows and unicorns.

“The message I would take from the game is that the LGBT family shouldn’t fight among each other,” concludes Patrick. “There are larger enemies afoot!”

Follow the creators online: http://www.twitter.com/GayFight

By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 09:22AM

Simon Gross entered the Big Brother house on launch night, however his journey as a housemate ended shortly after. He became Big Brother's first TimeBomb victim.

Simon Gross, Channel 5
Simon Gross, Channel 5

The "SHOWBIZ" king was booted from the show within two hours of the show's start, making history as the first male ever to be a first evictee. However in a twist which will be revealed in tonight's show, four new housemates will put into the house.

Big Brother has given details about three of the new housemates, but has remained tight lipped about the fourth only saying, "as an added surprise, one of the ‘new’ housemates will be a very familiar face…"

Since Simon's departure he has been a featured guest in Rylan's aftershow Big Brother's Bit On The Side and has become notorious for his catchphrase, "Showbiz"

Sneaky and devilsh. We like we like.


The Summer Of Bisexual Big Brother, two new housemates confirmed as "bisexual"

Big Brother: Past LGBT Contestants Where Are They Now?

Naked Dancing Gets Aaron Booted From Big Brother House

By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 09:07AM

Tonight the world of the big brother housemates is going to be turned upside down as three new housemates will be introduced, one stripper and two bi-sexual women.

After the shock removal of Aaron Frew last night, life in the house isn't going to get any easier as four original housemates will be evicted tonight in what some media are calling a Big Brother Massacre. However as doors slam for some, doors open for others.

An unsuspecting Amy & Sally, Chloe, Danny, Harriet, Kieran and Sarah now face a mass eviction and the lines are open for viewers to vote to EVICT four housemates from the house.

Tonight however we'll be introduced to three new housemates. The three new Housemates include, a 29 year old science student in his final year studying organic chemistry that is also a, ‘UK Pleasure boy’ and strips across the UK. A 22 year bisexual model who has worked as a dominatrix and on Babestation webcams. A part Sri Lankan bisexual who is a singer and entertainer whose attitude is ‘flirt with the world and get stuff for free’. As a side note, same-sex relationships are illegal in Sri Lanka.

Big Brother host Emma Willis commented: "Just when they were adjusting to life in the house, Big Brother is about to drop a whopper of a time bomb. I can't wait to see how the surprise mass eviction, some brand new housemates and a very familiar face go down."


Who's gay, bisexual and trans in Big Brother. All the housemates over the years and where are they now?

By The Gay UK, May 29 2015 08:15AM

At the time of his death in 2007, William John Stephenson Tallon, or ‘Backstairs Billy’ as he was known, was familiar to a relatively small circle that included the members of the royal family, but especially Prince Charles and Lord Snowdon, and a long list of former homosexual lovers, many of whom had also been in royal service. Outside that circle Billy was not at that time widely known, but in the years since his death a picture has emerged of a man whose life was extraordinary by any standards.

Billy’s character was created to a large extent by his highly developed sex drive. He had a good solid relationship with his partner Reg but after their initial passion cooled and a lifelong friendship developed, Billy still felt the irresistible pull of night-time adventuring.

As one contemporary, whom Billy seduced a few hours after he started work at Clarence House, said:

Billy was two completely different people. He was calm and almost rigidly decorous during the day, for the most part. Charming and discreet with lovely manners, he could make anyone feel good about themselves, but at night he had only one aim and that was to have sex with as many boys as possible. I don’t think it is fair to say, as some have said, that he was predatory, in the sense that he would force people to do things they didn’t want to do, but let’s put it like this – he could be very persuasive! This was especially true when it came to fellow servants, because he knew he had a certain amount of power over them, although I don’t think he ever used that power, at least he didn’t early on when he was still young and good looking. He mostly didn’t have to.

The truth is that Billy’s only real interest outside his work was sex. Sex, as I’ve said, with as many boys as possible. This might sound shocking, but in those pre-AIDS days in the 1960s and 1970s it was common for highly sexed young gay men to see sex as an end in itself. They rejected the bourgeois idea that you should only have sex with someone with whom you had formed a relationship. And to be fair, the same ideas permeated heterosexual people at that time – sex was a great liberator for all until AIDS terrified everyone into domesticity.

Even Billy’s staunchest supporters admit that his sexual appetites were extraordinary, and they seemed hardly to diminish even as he entered his fifties and sixties.

When Billy left Clarence House late in the evening, instead of his formal butler’s suit tail coat, white tie and plenty of medals – he would don a casual jacket and trousers. But there was nothing subtle about this transformation. He loved contrasting colours and might well wear a green tweed coat with purple trousers and an orange shirt. For those used to seeing him in his formal attire, the change was striking. He was virtually unrecognisable, as a fellow servant recalled. ‘I spotted him on the stairs once and thought “Who the bloody hell is that?” I did a double take and then realised it was William in what looked very much like fancy dress!’

Once out into the Mall, Billy had two favourite routes. One of them was to walk up St James’s Street and along Piccadilly to Hyde Park Corner, which, in the 1950s and early 1960s, was a favourite haunt of gay men looking for other men.

Like the Labour Peer Lord Bradwell (better known as Tom Driberg, 1905–1976), with whom he may well have had a brief affair, Billy was far keener on oral rather than any other kind of sex – according to one of his chance encounters, Billy seemed to think that swallowing large quantities of semen was the secret of eternal youth.

Don Jones, who knew Billy well around this time, said:

Billy was one of a number of queens who didn’t really like having sex done to him if you see what I mean – he liked doing it to others. Partly because of the idea that sperm – especially from young men – would keep him young but also because he always wanted to be in charge.

I think his desire for control was linked to the influence of his strong-willed mother. She was the tough one. He liked strong women, which is why he stayed with the Queen Mother for so long, but he didn’t like strong men who might compete with him. I think his father was much less of an influence. Billy definitely took after his mother. Today we would say he was in touch with his maternal side but it was a pretty fierce and sometimes controlling maternal side.

But when it came to cruising for sex, he was no different really from thousands of other young gay men in London at that time. It’s easy to be unkind about him now that he’s dead [but] I don’t think he was particularly predatory or irresponsible. He was just part of a scene that was very promiscuous. It was also furtive and anonymous and harked back to the days before homosexuality was legalised. You have to remember that Billy was in his thirties before homosexuality ceased to be a crime. In the old days, cottaging was one of the few ways gay men could get sex with the minimum risk of being caught. But even when it was no longer necessary, a lot of older men and some young ones still found it more exciting than meeting men in a bar or in some other, more conventional way. It was exciting because it was slightly dangerous. When homosexuality between consenting adults was legalised in the mid-1960s I think Billy, like a lot of gay men, was a little disappointed. Without the danger some of the fun had gone.

But Billy was also fascinated by other kinds of sex. He was intrigued by reports that Oscar Wilde had enjoyed ‘crus sexus’ – he was delighted to discover that this involved simply rubbing one’s thigh against another man’s genitals. ‘Very poetic, I’m sure,’ he used to say.

If Billy decided not to go to Hyde Park his favoured route was usually along the Mall to Green Park, Victoria and on to Ken- nington, where he was to spend his last years.

He also liked Soho, which was, in its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, a magnet for people such as the painter Francis Bacon and writer Daniel Farson, who held court in Wheelers and the Colony Room. But Billy was always discreet so far as it was possible to be discreet when you were on the prowl, and he always made sure he was back at Clarence House in time to get just enough sleep to be ready for his duties next morning. Nonetheless, he drove himself hard. For years he had too little sleep and drank heavily yet never missed a day’s work.

‘He was immensely strong,’ recalled a fellow servant. ‘We used to say he had the constitution of an ox, although I think the years of debauchery did begin to tell even before the tremendous shock of losing his job and his home after the Queen Mother’s death. I can remember his hand sometimes shook and he had a permanently red face.’

Occasionally Billy’s natural caution would be abandoned and his carefully concealed love of risk and danger bubbled to the surface. His friends said he was both drawn to risk and repelled by it. In many ways he loved danger – the risk of being found out – because it had been so much a part of his earliest amorous adventures in London in the 1950s, but he knew that taking risks too often could destroy his career and put an end to his nights on the town. The riskier side of sex never quite outweighed his love for his career.

If the Queen Mother was away, which happened several times a year, all her staff – at least those who remained at Clarence House – heaved a sigh of relief. ‘You could feel the atmosphere change in a moment,’ recalled one. ‘We went from a kind of heightened tension to a relaxed but almost deflated atmosphere where we chatted to each other more and had more free time, but missed the excitement of the Queen Mother being around.’

Noel Kelly, who knew Billy well at this time, remembered how Billy operated:

Well, Billy would go out in the evening ‘to see friends’ as he used to say but we all knew he was probably looking for a pick-up. It is true that he did have a remarkable number of friends, especially in the world of theatre and ballet, but he didn’t see them that often and I don’t think they knew him at all intimately – no one really knew Billy intimately in the sense of understanding what really made him tick.

Billy must have known that his indiscretions were a continual source of delight to the below-stairs gossipers. After all, he liked gossip as much as anyone. But he relied on his position to protect him from any direct challenge.

‘I’m sure Billy didn’t really think the policeman at the gate believed him when he claimed that a very dodgy-looking character shiftily hanging back behind him was an old friend he was simply bringing in for tea,’ remembered Noel Kelly. The policemen knew that so long as Billy had the confidence of the Queen Mother, they couldn’t challenge anyone he chose to take on a tour of the house. Once or twice Billy told the policemen that the boy he was with was a cousin or even a nephew and the policemen would always nod them through. Part of the appeal of doing this was not just the dan- ger of taking a boy into Clarence House. It was also an exercise of power. Billy knew that the sort of boys he picked up would be aston- ished and impressed that they were about to get a tour of one of the world’s most famous houses.

One of Billy’s boyfriends explained that, in the gay bars of Soho, Billy was famous for his standard chat-up line.

“He’d eye someone up and offer to buy him a drink. Then when they got talking he would calmly ask what the boy did. Most of the young men around Soho at that time were aspiring or out-of-work actors or they were hoping to break into the fashion or advertising industries. A few claimed they were models or artists. Everyone knew that we all lied about what we did but no one cared. If you wanted to be an actor or a model – if that’s what you aspired to – then it was fine to say you actually were an actor or a model.

Then along comes Billy and calmly slips into the conversation that he is a senior member of staff at Clarence House. If that didn’t impress – and some young men would never have understood the significance of the words Clarence House – Billy would explain that he worked in a personal capacity for the Queen Mother. Of course the boys on first acquaintance assumed this too was just fantasy – just another tale told in the bars. We all just wanted to impress each other. So when Billy was met with a skeptical smile, he would say, ‘Why don’t you come back to the house for tea and you can see?’

Very few could resist that kind of an invitation. So they would trot off on the twenty-minute walk back to the palace. The first time I went back with Billy I remember thinking as we got closer to Clarence House, ‘He really must work there or he would have made a joke by now about inventing the whole thing’. Many people would spin you a line and then make a joke about fiction being much more interesting than fact or they would say, ‘I would say anything to get you into bed!’

But Billy was different. He marched into the courtyard with me in tow, shaking in my boots. I daren’t look at the policeman on the gate but Billy had the air of a recently crowned king. I hardly noticed any- thing as we walked through several corridors and up a staircase and then we were in what I thought was a very grand room. There was also an old wooden lift that Billy mostly used, but that first time we took the stairs for some reason.

I found myself in Billy’s sitting room, but compared to my bed- sit in Camberwell this was very smart. Having talked about working in the palace when we met, he now refused to answer any searching questions about what exactly he did. I asked a few things about the Queen Mother but he gave nothing away beyond that he worked for her. I thought this was odd after he’d actually brought me into the old girl’s house! I was quite drunk by this time but he carefully poured two glasses of a delicious red wine and asked about me. I thought he was very polite but it was probably just to stop me asking any more questions about him.

Next minute he made a rather crude lunge at me, which I didn’t mind – it was almost comic and besides I was used to that kind of thing. He wasn’t a great lover, I have to say – my memory is that it was all over in about five minutes.

Billy didn’t quite kick me out afterwards but he looked a little bored and I knew better than to ask if I could stay. He saw me to the gate and off I went!

Other men picked up by Billy were not so well behaved and on several occasions after he saw his visitor to the door he would dis- cover that one or two of his possessions were missing. He accepted this with good grace but was furious on another occasion when one of his visitors wandered off on his own for an unscheduled tour of the house.

Rita Edwards, who was a maid at Clarence House, recalled how she was horrified late one night to bump into a stranger in the house who was clearly completely lost.

I stopped dead when I saw this well-dressed young man looking at one of the paintings. I’d never seen him before and I was so surprised that I simply froze. We always knew who to expect to see even dur- ing the day so for there to be a stranger alone in the house at night was a serious security breach. Before I could decide what to do, I saw Billy suddenly at the far end of the corridor. His hair was all over the place and he was trying to put his jacket on as he stumbled along the corridor – I’d never seen him so flustered. He quickly reached the young man and was clearly furious, though he tried to control his features. The two of them wandered back the way Billy had come. Next time we met he made absolutely no reference to this embarrassing night-time escapade. But that was so typical of him. He would simply float above any difficulty or embarrassment. He may have known that the young man’s presence would be talked about in the servants’ hall but so long as no one ever spoke to him about it he didn’t mind what other people said.


By The Gay UK, May 28 2015 07:13PM

This isn’t the first time we have heard someone say this (nor will it be the last either) but on this occasion it’s like a bolt out of the blue.

The words are spoken by Clint who is a contestant on ABC TV’s hit reality show ‘The Bachelorette’ and who was meant to persuade Kaitlyn to fall in love with him. The object of his affection however is fellow contestant J.J. of whom Clint said ‘It’s absolutely insane. I never thought that I’d meet somebody like that’.

Even more provocatively he revealed:"‘we’ve grown very close in the shower".

If American audiences do get to see some hot man-on-man action on next week’s show with the man who has been dubbed the Brokeback Bachelor, we will be the first to tell you all about it. Watch this space

By The Gay UK, May 28 2015 06:30PM

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February, 2010 at the age of 39. But his work and memory lives on, including in a new play simply called McQueen.


Stephen Wright plays (and looks just like) McQueen, who was one of the most celebrated UK fashion designers of our time. McQueen, though very successful, had a troubled life; drugs, depression, the suicide of his friend and muse Isabella Blow, who practically helped McQueen become the success that he was, and the death of his mother are some of the factors that probably led him to take his own life in his Central London flat on Feb. 11, 2010.

McQueen is written not as a play about his life but more about the journey McQueen took to build his career. The journey is brought on by fictional character Dahlia (Dianna Agron) - the idea taken from McQueen's 2008 collection 'The Girl Who Lived in the Tree.' She's basically a stalker who breaks into McQueen's flat. He's startled at first, but her childlike personality and beautiful looks and curvy body appeal to McQueen in a visual sense.

So McQueen and Dahlia travel through a few important milestones in McQueen's life; the tailor shop where McQueen got his start and where, on the spot, he makes a dress for Dahlia. They go to his mother's home, where she is upstairs in bed, sick. And McQueen gets to be reunited with the ghost that is Blow (a smashing Tracy-Ann Oberman), the woman who bought up all of McQueen's first collection but who still wants to know why he didn't take her with him to the top, and why did he leave her behind when it was she who made him what he was. In between these pit stops we are visually treated to very slow moving dancers who change the set and morph with, through and in between each other. Visually it's stunning, you don't realize the set is changing because the movements are so mesmerizing. But this doesn't make up for the fact that McQueen the play is a bit too thin and doesn't provide the theatregoer with a true celebration and story of McQueen's life.

Wright is amazing as McQueen. In fact he looks exactly like McQueen did in his later years. Wright captures all of his mannerisms and idiosyncrasies, including the scene where he instantaneously creates a dress for Dahlia. It's an excellent performance. Agron as Dahlia is given lots of soliloquy dialogue to recite - is she talking to McQueen, the audience, or to herself? And yes, she does recite, likes she's reading from a teleprompter. Hers is not a great performance as she's with the amazing Wright during the whole show. But Oberman practically steals the show from Wright in her all-too brief turn as Bow. It's a showstopping performance, with Oberman dressed in a sexy negligee. Playwright James Phillips and Director John Caird have produced a play that is weak in biography but beautiful in its presentation, but we're still left wanting to know more about McQueen and his life and his fashions. We will have to do with the V&A Museum's Savage Beauty exhibition as well as the highly-acclaimed book about McQueen; Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin, by Andrew Wilson, as well as Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, by Dana Thomas.

McQueen is playing at the St. James Theatre until June 27th:


by Tim Baros



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