Is there now a K in LGBTQQICAPF2K+?

This is a new one for us…

There is now a K to add to the ever-growing LGBT+ acronym – and apparently, it stands for “kink”. The acronym which has grown since the 90s, out of a need to move away from the limiting “gay community” adds letters to encompass any community that defines itself as anything but heterosexual or cisgender.

The LGBT initialism was coined in the late 80s / early 90s.

So what do all the letters mean?

L – lesbian

G – gay

B – bisexual

T – transgender

Q – queer

Q – questioning

I – intersex

A – asexual

A – agender

A – ally

C – curious

P – pansexual

P – polysexual

F – friends and family

2 – two-spirit

K – kink

However, the addition of the K has been met with some reservation from many on the question website, Quora. Users were quick to dismiss Kink as part of the LGBT+ community.

Sarah remarked, “Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t believe that fetishes belong in the same acronym as sexualities and gender identity”.

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While Caitlin added, “However, I and others believe that it shouldn’t be included in the acronym. Kink is not inherently non-cis or non-straight, and including it can feed into the stereotype of queer people being “sexual deviants”. BDSM is fine in a community of its own but it’s strange and unnecessary to include it with sexual orientations and gender identities”.

John wrote, “I’m gay, and I do not and will not use this silly LGBTQLAPK sh*t. They keep adding a silly letter for inclusion. You are just labelling yourselves, and that is a silly thing to do.”

*This article has been updated. We have become aware that this article has been used to undermine and denigrate the LGBT+ community.

Although Kink can form a part of someone’s sexual identity, is not limited to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or transgender (or gender non-conforming) experience.

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81 responses to “Is there now a K in LGBTQQICAPF2K+?”

  1. This is just a mess… The LGBT movement is turning into a joke that homofobics can’t use againt ourserlves.

  2. Excitement =/= attraction.

    Do you enjoy the idea of having a collar around your neck? I do.
    Do I look at a collar and say “I want to spend my life with you?” No… Well, Not when i’m not in heat.

    and unlike sexuality, you have a choice on your excitement interest. We don’t live in bubbles..and we grow from having romantic interest to someone.. to sexual interests (Sometimes that’s backwards, but that’s a whole other discussion).. and those sexual interests may get boring or too similar for someone. So they try new things for *Excitement*

    You’re not born kinky, but you’re trained to the exposure of kink and the small-scale psychology there is with trying something ‘new’.

    For an FYI, I’ve been a “Kinkster” for most all of my life past sexual awakening. I’m pansexual as well.. but I would never consider a bondage class i attend to, to be a LGBT Pride celebration..

  3. for lgbt to be most effective then we must no longer have the lgbtfgjioawtgjiaspijogsahjazegtpijoseghs9gjhnsnhidwhocaresfuckyou community we simply needs a human rights group fighting for legal rights for sexual groups who are denied it with the letters representing the people they fight for at the time

  4. “Friends and Family”?!?! so now “incest” makes you a “Special protected group” along with the other mentally ill people?! 😀

    they can keep making up whatever they want. Everybody knows they are simply messed up in the head, and the vast majority are NOT AFRAID to stand up and say so, regardless if you get “offended.”

    • Are you talking about incest being a mental illness? I mean, yeah. it’s a different developmental process.. But it’s not a mental illness.. That’s like calling someone who wants to be an artist, when they can’t get payed for it.. a mentally ill person.

      • So I guess beastiality isnt a mental illness either. It’s perfectly acceptable to fuck dogs and horses… and while we’re on the subject I guess pedophilia isn’t a “mental illness” either but merely just another “sexual orientation” right?! 😉

        • Beastality isn’t a mental illness, no. Niether is Pedophilia. There is a massive difference between “Mental illness” and “Developmental neurology” or even just “preference”

          Neither are acceptable though.

          And if you actually have a hard time understanding the difference between “Mental illness” and “Preference” Pretty sure you should check in with your local hospital for inability to understand social ques.. (autism spectrum)

  5. “There is now a K in LGBTQQICAPF2K+”

    No there fucking isn’t.

    Also A never stood for “Ally”, and the F is unneeded too, unless the F happens to be queer in some way too.

      • Not that I agree with this BS.. But i’m pretty sure they mean “I am a friend, or family to, someone who *IS* gay/bisexual/pan/anything-really-that-isn’t-white-and-straight..

        I seriously hope this list is parody.. LGBT is fine as is. “Ally” is a fucking joke.

  6. This whole alphabet soup crap has gotten out of hand. And most of it is nothing more than activist bullshit that has gotten out of hand. It is such a tired old cliche that means nothing at all.

  7. When a gay kid comes out to his parents, he must now make reference to whips, chains, and foot fetishes? When a child refers to their lesbian moms, they need to refer to spanking and diaper play? When a gay couple get married, they need to refer to S&M? This is 1000% homophobic. These initialisms are not a joke. They are essentially referring to our very identity. This is not something to play around with. It impacts every single reference we make about ourselves and other gay people. The writers of this putrid website should be ashamed.

  8. Congratulations on adopting the longstanding position of every homophobe in the United States – that being gay is a kind of fetish. Going back to 1977, Anita Bryant compared homosexuality with sadomasochism and other fetishes. Now in 2018, a gay publication is taking up her cause. You folks are pure evil. I don’t know why you exist.

  9. I have to say it is getting a bit ridiculous. At what point do we start just calling it the “Letter and Number Community”. There is something to be said for the simplicity of the use of Umbrella Terminology. Such generalizations keep us from having to use a dictionary’s worth of words every time we speak.

    Now I was fine back in the day when the lesbian community wanted to change from the GLB Community to the LGB Community (Even if it did take me a few years to get used to seeing it that way). I was even fine with with the change to LGBT and LGBT+ Community. I mean after all the Plus sign says it all right there.

    I perfectly get that groups want identity recognition or want to join into an established and powerful movement to promote their own issues. The problem is though that you get to a point of inclusivity that tips the scales of a communities core identity, which means that the concerns of that community often get lost in the pandemonium of the larger group dynamic. At this point we have added letters to represent groups to our community that by their nature don’t even care about or respect our community concerns. And most of the other additions are simply subcategories of already stated umbrella terminology.

    It is not about disrespect, it is about basic common sense. Using superfluous synonyms for redundant terminology isn’t common sense. Including letters to our community acronym for communities that don’t share our core identity or work against our community interests also doesn’t make sense. Creating an acronym for the community that takes up half a line on a page every time you have to use it is not common sense.

    We all wear many hats, not all of them have to be stated every time. It just gets crazy if you don’t. I mean after all as a for instanstance; I am a proud gay, cisgendered, multiracial, pansexual, kinky, leather, fetisist, polyamerous, male bear sapiosexual relgious realist. I of course could go on, but you should get the jist of what I am saying. It is not practical to say that everytime I meet someone, nor is all of it relevant to specific communities concerns or a conversation’s topic. It holds true with the community acronym. You could self identify most strongly with one of the possibly thousands of subgroups that form the LGBT+ Community, but at its heart you still fall under that short Umbrella Acronym somewhere without the need to add more letters, numbers, or Kanji to the Acronym as it already was established.

  10. also i wasn’t really sure with all the letters as they had been added over the years but seeing all of you be ugly makes me reconsider a few things. stop being so old and crotchety, sad to say this to a group of non heteronormatives but it might be good for you all to open you eyes a bit and your hearts.

  11. if allies and friends and families are being thrown in whats one more letter? also what is the difference between curious and questioning?

  12. This is just a load of frothing outrage over literally nothing. So someone on a forum somewhere apparently suggested adding a K and some people disagreed with it. It’s not like there’s some official board or something that decides what acronym everyone should use, and the vast majority of people and organisations will continue to use some version of LGBT that best serves their needs at any time (personally I go for LGBTQ+)

  13. This is utterly ridiculous. Allies and friends and family? This silliness risks a backlash from within our own community. I’m seriously thinking of going back to saying “lesbian and gay” instead of LGBTQ.

  14. This utter nonsense is just bringing the community into disrepute, and identity politics as a whole. Because sexual orientation and gender identity are ineradicably a matetr of self-definition anyway. Before you start shouting at me, that doesn’t mean I think there are no inborn components to sexual or gender difference. The balance of evidence suggests that there are. But one still has to choose to *define* and *declare* yourself as sexually/genderwise different in some way. And the problem is that becaUSe everyone IS different, we end up sorting ourselves into these micro-boxes – some of whom have very different views from others, and very differnet views OF others. And that is appallingly divisive – I can’t believe some of the contempt in some of the posts below. Divided we fall.Divided we fail.
    I am one who regrets that “Queer” never caught on in the way it was originally intended: as an all-inclusive term that could be adopted by anyone who saw themselves as belonging to the movement for the rights of gender and sexually diverse people.
    And there’s another one: “Gender and Sexually Diverse” (GSD). That’s been proposed by Pink Therapy. amogst others,
    The continued and ridiculous fragmentation of the GSD movement into micro-boxes is essentially a Conservative phenomenon – because the impulse behind it is “No way am I gonig to be in an alliance with THOSE people. It’s be paedophiles next, or people who marry
    their dogs. Anyway some of them are dodgy and abusive” (people, some
    *humans* are dodgy and abusive, and perhapsespecially, because that’s how we’ve
    been socialised, men).
    Strong politrics is all about alliance and coalition. agreeing on common fronts to fight on. Despite maybe some severe reservations about who you may have to fight with. insisting that you’ll only support your groupuscule is weak politics. This is not about identities. It’s about taking power.

  15. No just no…Stop with this bullshit! being Kinky is a lifestyle not a fucking sexuality! it does not belong in the acrynom neither does half the shit there these days! its so watered down its nothing but a joke! and i say that as a kinky ass sleazy bottom gay man!! Before ya’ll aching hearts start trying to call me out as being a homophobe!

  16. This is why people are taking the community less and less seriously. People are starting to really dislike us do to the lunacy and idiotic moral fagging thats going on. normal people like myself can’t stand this bullshit. The acronym has letters in there that stand for the same thing but for some reason they need their own letter just to feel included. Allies, Friends, and Families are those who aren’t queer so they don’t need to be in the acronym. Questioning and curiosity are literally phases in a persona life that they go through before coming into their full self and don’t need their own letter. Polysexual and Pansexual are literally the same thing. Kink is a fetish not a sexuality. Two-Spirited is specific to a belief system and only people from that believe system can be Two-Spirited or you get called out for cultural appropriation so the letter doesn’t need to be there because we call is bisexual. Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian all fit under the Queer umbrella along with any other sexual Identity.

    The fight that our four fathers and mothers fought for us is being spit on. This is lunacy and makes us look like we don’t even take ourselves serious. This isn’t what they fought for. Men and Woman died so that we may have the life we have today with the rights that every Canadian and American citizen has. Every time something crazy comes out like this, we look less credible. It’s because of this bullshit that I’m less inclined to tell people I’m gay because I don’t want to be associated with this the retarded way this community is going. I don’t want to be a laughing joke to society because some special snowflakes need their feelings catered to at every twist and turn. Grow up and grow a thicker skin. This world doesn’t care about your feelings and will eat you up if you don’t learn how to forge forward and not cry at every little “offence”.

    Remember kids, offence is taken not given. Take a look at whats offending you and change. Self reflection and introspection is needed if we are to remain respectable in the eyes of society at large. Its not about what society is doing its about what can I do to make society better and winging about pronouns and micro-aggressions isn’t helping, literally the laughing stock of the town.

          • You can be an effeminate man, and be 100% straight.. That’s not how it works where your attitude and personality define your other aspects. (less you’re apart of a sit-com where the writers try and shoe-horn in a ‘gay’ character)

    • I’m Christian so I believe what the Bible says: There is no separate sexual identity apart from man being with woman. If I was one of you guys I would stick with LGB. That’s it. Transgender confuses it all; it’s were you started going sideways and doesn’t queer just mean gay?. Stick with the 3 main sexual identities.

      • Unfortunately that’s never been true, “3 main sexual identities” is just too small to describe every instance of human experience.. Trans-gender/sexuality has been a somewhat normal practice throughout most of history. The reformed “bible” and dark age’s Christian missionaries are a big issue to why we don’t have that very human aspect in much of our cultures anymore.

        “Queer” also is much more of an attitude than a sexuality. Think “Girly boy” or “manly woman” who still loves the opposite sex. Queer =/= Gay. same as how a gay man or lesbian woman, aren’t limited to being effimate or filling a ‘missing’ role.

  17. You used the word “reticence” in this sentence incorrectly – “However, the addition of the K has been met with some reticence from many” You probably just wanted to say “resistance.” Reticence doesn’t mean dislike, it just means someone who is quiet, reserved and doesn’t reveal their thoughts.

  18. Whe the hell decides this crap?

    LGB has to separate. We have nothing to do with the rest of the alphabet, and they’re making a mockery of it all.

    • Apparently you have no knowledge where the fight for LGBT rights started… May I introduce Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

      Marsha P. Johnson was among the first of the patrons to resist the police that night, and Sylvia Rivera among the first in the crowd of onlookers to take action by throwing a bottle at her police oppressors. They were self-identified dragqueens, but in more current times would have been understood today as transgender, at that point in history the term transgender did not exist. They went on to co-found the organization STAR, or Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, a group dedicated to helping homeless young drag queens and trans women of color.

      To quote Ms Johnson: “How many years does it take for people to see that we’re all brothers and sisters and human beings in the human race? I mean how many years does it take for people to see that? We’re all in this rat race together.”

      • No.

        I’m not even from the western world originally, and I’ve come to learn that this whole story where Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera are somehow single-handedly responsible for the entire gay rights movement is nothing but revisionist history. This is another reason why so many gays and lesbians are sick of the “T”. They have insert themselves as the saviors of gay kind, when it’s not true.
        First off, Trans activists have re-written Johnson as a Trans woman, when Marsha is on film, saying very clearly that he was a Transvestite, but very much identified as a gay man.
        Also, there are dozens of accounts, people still living who were at Stonewall. Many of them have no recollection of Marsha P. Johnson or Sylvia Rivera ever BEING there. But to even speak the truth about history will get you labeled “transphobic”, and the internet is quickly filling up with people hopping on the bandwagon, and one day Trans activists will successfully erase the truth.

        Here is a gay historian nothng that when he talked to a key person at Stonewall that night, she did NOT see either Marsha or Slyvia:

        Here is an article that quotes Marsha P. Johnson, stating it is an urban legend she started the riots, and she did not arrive until they were well under way:

        “It’s been long rumored that Johnson helped start the Stonewall uprising
        on June 28, 1969, with people claiming to this day that she threw the
        first brick that shattered the bar’s windows. Throughout her life
        Johnson denied this urban legend,
        saying that she didn’t arrive at the bar until the riot was well
        underway at 2:00am, but it’s a testament to her lasting influence that
        so many people still believe it.”

        Here is a man, who studied the history of Stonewall for years, so angry at the revisionist history of Trans activism, that he created the first “Drop the T” petition.

        First of all, Gay and lesbian rights weren’t WON in one riot, on one night. It was a large group effort, lasting decades, and as much as the Trans Lobby hates the truth, gay rights were largely won by white gay men. They’re the ones that had most of the power to change things, and had the numbers. As acceptance grew, so did others contribute. Such as lesbians supporting gay men during the 80’s AIDS crisis.

        I have seen Trans activists run to the media and Trans dead gays and lesbians post-humously. Jone of Arc? Now a Trans man! In fact, just about every lesbians hero is being Transed after death. Even Hans Christian Andersson, a notable gay male, is being called a woman, and Trans people are referring to him with “she/her” pronouns.

        So nope. Sorry, the T has to stop this nonsense.

    • Also it’s very clear that no one decides it, and rather organisations and individuals just use whatever is most useful to them at any time. From the article it’s pretty obvious that someone just suggested it on a forum somewhere and some content creator with a deadline to meet saw an opportunity.

      • What I want to know is: why would a gay publication promote the idea that LGB people should be conjoined with all people who practice a “kink”? How could any self-respecting gay man or woman see that as a true or good thing? Sexual orientation is not a kink, so linking the two would be to lie to the world. And it wouild make gay people a tiny minority within this new “community” since the number of heterosexual people who practice a kink now and then vastly exceeds the population of LGB people. What could possibly make GayUK think that this is something to publish?

      • I thought the Q was basically sewn to T ? Q as in “Queer”, which these days means anything from a 20 year old heterosexual with blue hair and a Hello Kitty T-shirt, to a furry.

        Not saying they are in anyway similar to Trans, just I always see them lumped together (i.e: “Support our Trans/Queer community! )

  19. Really damn hurtful that they’re trying to add “kink” in, absolutely disgusting. Most of these letters need to be removed, but this is the absolute worst. Gay people have been trying to break the hateful myths that we’re deviants and perverts for so long. Now they’re forcing it on us against our will.
    As a lesbian who has BEEN the victim of “kinky” abusive straight men, it is NEVER okay to allow them into our community, they’ve harmed us the same as any other, they are not like us. Straight men who like to beat women? Straight men who dress their partner as children and simulate pedophilia? They aren’t like us. There’s no similarity.

  20. This doesnt even make sense now, with LGBTQQICAPF2K+ you can probably include the entire population now, one way or the other. The best solution is to treat an individual as a person, no more collectivist BS.

  21. This is getting so fucking ridiculous. Enough. Let’s just go back to Gay and Lesbian Rights. Let the others add as many letters as they want. Have at it!

  22. The men fucked up the letters its mostly about Kincky Fuckery now. Women’s issues are eliminated, we talk about Peace and Equality, teachings and books, philosophies. Guys just want to ruin the revolution lesbians started.

    • What are you talking about? Aren’t women into Kink?

      and you think that lesbians started the revolution? Cite please???

    • Which revolution lesbians started? The roots of the gay movement – the Mattachine society, the 60s riots at gay (male) establishments, the European academics who discussed the ethics of homosexuality and coming out – were male.

    • Let the T do their own work? I’m sorry? A trans woman threw the first brick at Stonewall but ok you have fun with your TERF garbage.

      • We don’t know who the the first brick – for all these years this has been a matter of debate. It was only after that 2015 movie broke out that people started pretending to know exactly how it all started, and that a trans woman made it all. Also, Marsha Johnson did not identify as trans. He was a gay fairy who, as typical for this class, goes with both male and female names and pronouns.

      • That’s a conveniently pc myth that a transwoman threw the first brick at Stonewall. And even if it were true..Stonewall is not the definitive moment in achieving GLB equality.

        • Correct. In the UK the law was changed regarding male homosexual sex in 1967 two years before Stonewall. That didn’t happen by magic. The North Western Homosexual Law Reform Committee had its first public meeting in Church House, Manchester, on 7 October 1964. That and the London based Homosexual Law Reform Society campaigned about a change in the law for those three years. News of campaigning like that in the UK might even have helped trigger what happened at Stonewall. After all, London was a big focus at that time in the “swinging sixties”.

          • Yes, to all that. There were earlier riots in the U.S. too. And let’s not forget Germany in the ’20s.

      • JOSH, do you ever check your sources, or do you want to know what really happend? As it sounds, you are either a transactivist, or a Tif, that doesn’t care what the truth is, you are bound and determined to erase gay and lesbian history and replace it with your convenient ‘truth’. There were NO T’s at Stonewall, this idea hadn’t surfaced yet. Even drag queens were a rarity, because they were not popular yet. The Stonewall revolt, brought them into mainstream ‘gay’ society and lesbians were very prominent in the revolt

      • We’re getting sick of Trans revisionist history. Martha P. Johnson his/herself said that is only an urban legend and she didn’t show up until the riot was well underway.
        Martha also made it clear he identified as a gay male who dressed in drag.

        But truth doesn’t mean much to SJW’s when they can just make things up to center themselves.

    • Apparently you have no knowledge where the fight for LGBT rights started… May I introduce Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

      Marsha P. Johnson was among the first of the patrons to resist the police that night, and Sylvia Rivera among the first in the crowd of onlookers to take action by throwing a bottle at her police oppressors. They were self-identified dragqueens, but in more current times would have been understood today as transgender, at that point in history the term transgender did not exist. They went on to co-found the organization STAR, or Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, a group dedicated to helping homeless young drag queens and trans women of color.

      To quote Ms Johnson: “How many years does it take for people to see that we’re all brothers and sisters and human beings in the human race? I mean how many years does it take for people to see that? We’re all in this rat race together.”

      Keep in mind that the police were roughing up lesbians the night of stonewall too and doing “gender” checks as well…

      • I’m going to repeat what I said to Josh:

        We don’t know who the the first brick – for all these years this has been a matter of debate. It was only after that 2015 movie broke out that people started pretending to know exactly how it all started, and that a trans woman made it all. Also, Marsha Johnson did not identify as trans. He was a gay fairy who, as typical for this class, goes with both male and female names and pronouns.

        Sylvia, too, was a gay fairy and she was not even at the riots despite the stories she told. Read:

          • JohnnyJay, you are exactly right,Tims are mostly heterosexual males and Tifs are mostly lesbians with insecurity and internalized misogyny

          • Leaving aside the falsity of the claims about Rivera and Johnson, it’s also worth noting the absurdity of the argument. The idea is that the very identity of LGB people should be altered in perpetuity because 2 people threw a brick and a bottle on a street corner 50 years ago. There were also dozens of straight men at the riots. One of them, a folk singer named Von Ronk, was badly beaten and arrested. (Not even the people who lie about Rivera and Johnson claim that they were beaten or arrested.) So why aren’t we required to conjoin with all straight men? Or all folk singers? The entire argument is absurd. The makeup of a crowd at an event doesn’t determine our identity.

      • Sylvia Rivera was not at Stonewall. Marsha Johnson was at Stonewall, but was not among the first to do anything. According to his own testimony, he showed up late, after the riot was well under way. Further, gay rights did not begin at Stonewall. There was a movement for gay rights which begain 80 years prior, and which had already had various wins, including a win at the US Supreme Court and the decriminalization of gay sex in Illionis – all prior to Stonewall. There were no “LGBT” rights in 1969. “LGBT” is an invention of the 1990s.

        You don’t know the first thing about gay history.

  23. The
    more complicated they make it the less people understand or want too
    and switch off thus defeating the whole purpose. The more labels there
    are the more barriers go up, divide & conquer. And there is only one section on
    the spectrum that likes to divide into pigeon holes only to claim to do
    it to unit it to use them by recognising them individually. And in doing so panders to each section, but this is not what the community came together for, it came together for equal rights for all to be treated equally not one group having more rights than another. If it were just for everybody to be treated the same then there wouldn’t be an out cry that that the LGBT* community in some ways was getting preferential treatment. The more that is done in the cause of so-called ‘political correctness’ the more it damages us all and we end up facing a backlash from those sick have it rammed in their faces.
    Bring back common sense

  24. In the “reaction” , could there be a , this is stupid/don`t give a toss emoji . This would garner my vote in this as well as many other articles seeking reaction.

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