Nightclub and G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph has opened up about why he couldn’t enjoy Madonna’s performance at G-A-Y because he wanted it to be perfect for the Queen of Pop.

Jeremy Joseph has spilled the beans about what goes on behind the scenes during one of his nights when a big celeb is due to perform on his stage. He revealed that he couldn’t enjoy Madonna‘s performance at G-A-Y because of his stress levels.

The owner of the legendary brand G-A-Y said that he only began to enjoy the achievement 3 days after the show – when friends told him how amazing it had been.

Madonna played at the Astoria in 2005 before G-A-Y moved to its new home at Heaven.

He said,

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“When Madonna did G-A-Y, the whole night I was just so stressed out. I wanted everything to be perfect.

“I didn’t really enjoy Madonna until three days later…

“Then suddenly I start grinning and I kind of enjoyed… oh my God. Madonna was amazing.”


Jeremy Joseph is currently gearing up for the London Marathon where he is raising money for the Elton John AIDs Foundation. He’s raised nearly £400,000 for the charity – but hopes to raise much more – in fact he wants to raise £1 million.

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Speaking about why he chose EJAF he said,

“The reason why the Elton John AIDS Foundation is important, is because I decided several years ago that I wanted G-A-Y to focus on one charity.

“I chose the Elton John AIDS Foundation because they distribute money, rather than finance one thing.

“It means by raising money through Elton John Aids Foundation, you’re raising money for lots and lots of charities.

To sponsor Jeremy Joseph and his efforts to raise money for the EJAF during the London Marathon visit his Virgin Money page.

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