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Leading Muslim LGBT charity condemns Chechen “concentration camps” for gay men

Britain’s leading LGBT charity for Muslims has condemned the reported actions of Chechen officials rounding up gay men and placing them into “concentration camps”.

Imaan LGBTQ has strongly condemned the actions of officials in Chechnya after it was revealed that 100 men suspected of being gay were rounded up, tortured and placed in camps in the Muslim-majority Republic.

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Taking to Twitter the group said that they, “condemn the reported actions of the Chechen authorities against its LGBT population”.

The group then called upon fellow Muslims everywhere to do the same.


Some are linking the recent alleged actions undertaken by government officials with having a religious undertone.

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According to Wikipedia,

“Chechnya under Moscow-backed authoritarian rule of Ramzan Kadyrov has undergone its own controversial counter-campaign of Islamization of the republic, with the local government actively promoting and enforcing their own version of a so-called “traditional Islam”, including introducing elements of Sharia that replaced Russian official laws”.

As of the 2010 Census, Muslim Chechens, at 1,206,551 people make up 95.3% of the republic’s population.