Has the Irish judge Louis Walsh has been given the shove as Simon Cowell’s desperate revamp to keep viewers tuning in to X FACTOR continues?

Louis has been a fixture on the X FACTOR for eleven years, now in an attempt to shake up the format, Simon Cowell has seemingly axed him according to the Sun On Sunday.

First it was Dermot now Louis. But is Simon Cowell really dumping the right people? Last year we revealed that the majority of viewers thought that Cheryl should be the one to be dropped from the show which has been suffering a decline in audience since its hey day in 2010. Nearly 60% of Heat magazine readers thought that the Geordie pop singer should be let go from the show.

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Louis is quoted as saying that he now wants to concentrate on being a music manager again, saying:

“I want to go back to being a manager – that’s my day job and I’ve neglected it for a long time because I’m away so much.

“At the moment, I’m working with Shane Filan – he’s got a new record coming out, and I’m also working with Hometown.

“I’d like to get back to where I started off… I never even wanted to be on TV, it just happened.”