A man asked the internet if penis size matter. He got a lot of responses.

A journalism student asked members of Reddit about their thoughts on penis size. He asked women and gay men to comment on their thoughts of small penis size, how they react to them and how they get frisky with one.

The man was deluged by responses. In fact, he got over 6152 comments.

So what were some of the most surprising responses?

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  1. Considering my ridiculously sensitive gag reflex I wouldn’t mind a smaller one now and then.

  2. I’m a gay guy and I actually prefer smaller penises. I’m a top for one thing, so maybe that skews my preference. I feel like I can give more pleasure to a guy with a smaller penis simply because I can get a hold of more of it at a time. More fun to play with maybe? I’d much rather be with someone who is less than say, 5-6″ (average). The massive ones you see in porn, no thanks.

  3. Don’t worry about dick sizes. I’ve been with 8 guys and ventured to a bath-house once (no, didn’t get with all 8 guys there!). Most guys do NOT have anything to be proud of. Porn dicks are the equivalent of a model’s weight to females: very few actually “have the goods” yet everyone worries about it.

  4. Bottom/vers here. There is a definite “golden zone” in terms of length/girth. Too small and you don’t feel anything, too big and it hurts like hell. That isn’t really a “getting used to it” thing, either – unless you specifically go out to train yourself to take big dicks or fists (which I haven’t, because you run a real risk of prolapse) there’s a hard limit at around 9-10″ where it hits the top of your colon and around 2.5″ diameter where it hits your pubic bone (I think. Something hard, anyway.)

  5. The first guy I dated was smaller than average, but it was no big deal. A guy I went on a couple dates with a few years ago had what may be considered a micro penis …When erect he couldn’t get a condom on it because it just rolled back off and there was no actual penetration despite the effort. It made me extremely uncomfortable and because I’d never experienced anything like it, I panicked and broke up with him not long after. I realize that he couldn’t help it, but I had only had sex with one guy before him and it kind of freaked me out. Looking at it now, I feel bad for the guy, but he’s engaged to somebody so it obviously didn’t hurt him too much.

  6. This may sound very mean but I hope they’re not “waiting for marriage” to have sex. Having a dick that small is something both partners need to be comfortable with to make it work.

  7. My first guyI was with had a very large penis. So large I could not enjoy sex, it hurt to bad. The next guy was average and sex was good. The next guy was so small, I am grateful he could not see my face when I pulled it out. I was actually disgusted at that moment. But it turned out he knew how to use it! Two years together and not once did I give that tiny dick a second thought. I am now married and my husband is a perfect size.

  8. Gay guy here. Prefer 3-4 inches. Anything upwards of 6 inches hurts my ass and I hate it more than anything else. Also, I don’t see the point of choking on a dick. It’s not fun, you cough and mucus comes out of your nose while you’re trying to look sexy sucking a dick. So yeah, small penises ftw.

  9. I think the size you have is perfect. Mine is about 5.5 and my partner is the same as yours. (gay obviously) I like it because it’s not intimidating, I can get it all in my mouth, and he really knows how to work it. I honestly don’t like big penises. They’re scary and painful.

In summary, he said,

“I came to the conclusion I had before even posting, 1. Whether or not your penis is too big or too small, it’s dependent on your partner. 2. Size matters to a very minimal extent, what really matters is how you perform and make up for it. 3. There is still faith in humanity.

“Thank you for being so open and sharing your personal stories”.

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