Beard haters will rejoice at the news as Hipster beards are considered unsuitable for work.

The trendy beards were amongst 20 things Britain’s workforce considered as “inappropriate” for the work environment along with novelty ties and flip flops.

Britain’s be-whiskered are bristling with anger after beards were voted among the most unsuitable items of work attire.

Full beards featured in a list of 20 ‘items’ or looks considered inappropriate for the workplace.

Other no-no’s included too much cleavage, crop-tops and novelty ties, according to a survey of 2,000 workers by workplace uniform provider Simon Jersey.

But David Dade, the President of TBBC – The British Beard Club – took the criticism on the chin, claiming beards “allow men to show their masculinity rather than stifle it by shaving”.

And he said the inclusion of facial hair in the list may have been a “broadside” at hipsters who have adopted the beard in recent years.

Dade, 69, a former radio sound engineer with the other BBC, said: “Unfortunately this seems to be another example of pogonophobia – an extreme dislike of beards.

“But these days the vast majority of beards are tidy and well-maintained.”

The study found that many people also consider anything which bares too much skin to be out of place in the office, including low cut, strapless or backless tops and short skirts.

More than six in 10 people believe the way they dress or look may have had an effect on their chances of getting a pay rise or promotion.

Their fears may be well-founded as 37 per cent of managers admitted they have overlooked someone for consistently dressing inappropriately.

Two-thirds of managers said they would be less likely to give someone a job if there was something they didn’t like about their appearance during the interview.

The poll, by workplace uniform provider Simon Jersey, found one in five workers has been reprimanded over “inappropriate” work wear.

One female employee was hauled up in front of her boss because her dress was “too pink”.

Other unusual or bizarre requests include one boss telling a woman to wear more make-up, another to dress “less young” and wearing hair up instead of down.

Simon Jersey, which provides uniforms to more than half a million UK workers, said: “What to wear to work can be a controversial and confusing subject – the type of job you do, and the industry you work in, can make a massive difference to what is and isn’t deemed appropriate.

“As if what to wear isn’t confusing enough, while tattoos, bright hair colours and even flashing your skin might be fine in one job, you could wear the same look to another role and get a completely different reaction.

“Worryingly, it seems some are even picked up because of the colour of their clothes or the amount of make-up they have one.

“Your appearance can be especially important if you deal with clients, customers or members of the public – your boss will want you to be representing the company in what they consider to be the right way.

“But this can make it a minefield when choosing what to wear. Each morning, there are probably thousands of people looking in the mirror trying to decide if what they look like is ‘acceptable’ for the day ahead.”

The study found crop tops are deemed the most unacceptable item to wear to work, followed by cleavage-flashing clothes, mini-skirts and baseball caps.

Flip flops completed the top five, with beanie hats, underwear on show, t-shirts with inappropriate logos, backless tops and ripped jeans also a no-no.

Other things considered to be beyond the pale include high heels, long or unkempt beards and excessive make-up.

And while some still brand visible tattoos a no-no, six in 10 think body ink is more acceptable than ever before, with 42 per cent believing the same is true for piercings.

The survey revealed that while 42 per cent of bosses simply have a quiet word with someone they think needs to improve their appearance, one in five has had a formal conversation or warned them about it.

One in 50 has even fired someone over the way they dress.

The Simon Jersey spokesman added: ‘’There has been a definite shift towards a more casual working wardrobe over the last decade and we’ve reflected that trend in our range with new garments that create a more relaxed working wardrobe.

“There’s more than 900 garments in our catalogue, so no matter what your role or what industry you work in, we can create a uniform for you and your team.”

Top 20 things unsuitable for the workplace:

1. Crop tops

2. Tops which show cleavage


3. Mini-skirts


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4. Baseball caps


5. Flip flops


6. Beanie hats


7. Visible underwear


8. T-shirts or tops with large logos or images


9. Backless tops


10. Ripped jeans


11. Strapless tops


12. Shorts


13. Anything which shows too much skin


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14. High heels


15. Unkempt, long or full beards


16. Visible body piercings


17. Tattoos on show


18. Excessive make-up


19. Trainers


20. Novelty ties

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