Social media users have blasted Apprentice hopeful Dillion St. Paul after making a comment about fellow contestant Karthik Nagesan’s business style.


In Thursday’s episode of The Apprentice, some viewers were apparently shocked by a comment made by Irish hopeful Dillon St. Paul. During the challenge, fellow contestant Karthik Nagesan had taken his time over a business deal to obtain a Lehenga at the lowest price. Karthik said that he would take charge in the negotiations because it was his “culture”.


However Dillon was less than impressed with Karthik’s style and in a to-camera interview said,

“Karthik’s negotiation technique is basically Indian chit chat. There was a lot of time wasted at the start. He should have just asked ‘Where is your lehenga? Can I see it?”

Some viewers took to social media to vent their disgust.

According to

One wrote: “Indian chit chat”..? This guy is something else #TheApprentice.“


Another commented: “Oh yay. It’s the episode where they bait them into being horrendously racist #TheApprentice”

Another wrote: “Indian chit-chat…are you actually allowed to say that? #TheApprentice.”

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However, some did back Dillon’s statement, with one woman, Seetal revealing that “Indians take FOREVER to secure a good deal”.

While another commented that it was all about building a rapport


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Of course, Dillon didn’t “set  out to say something derogatory” and apologised if the comment caused offence.

He said,

“I would never intentionally set out to say something derogatory. I apologise if my comment caused offence, it was not intended in that manner.”

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