One of scifi’s slashiest shows returns tonight

Red Dwarf XI
Red Dwarf XI

Tonight marks the return of Red Dwarf on Dave and here are the reasons why every reader of THEGAYUK should watch it.

All through the 1990s Red Dwarf was one of the slashiest (the viewer knowing two same sex people might be more than friends even though the writer never makes it explicit) Sci Fi Shows around. Go figure: The last two men in the universe (Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer and Craig Charles as Dave Lister) who bitched and bickered day in day out but also shared a bedroom together; (looking back they were like a prototype of the gay couple in Vicious in so many ways.) There were often hints at a deeper relationship between the duo that gave rise to some very hot Rimmer and Lister slash on “Archive of their Own”.

Besides the undercurrents there was also quick witted dialogue, a gay kiss and Chris Barrie’s torso on display on several occasions.
If that isn’t enough you will also be treated to a very vain Cat human (Danny John-Jules) and a very camp housework obsessed android (Robert Llewellyn as Kryten).

Red Dwarf XI / DAVE TV ©Grant Naylor Productions

Of course slash isn’t the only reason why you should watch this show. There is also brilliant comedy and deep pathos. The reason why Red Dwarf resonates with an LGBT audience is how it plays with the feeling of being different and alienation. Rimmer for example: who has been conditioned to act like his parents wanted and can never escape his self hate. The Cat and Kryten who are unafraid of acting feminine. And Lister who knits and cries at movies is open minded about everything and everyone he meets. A mixed bunch of people who have learned to accept each other, despite their differences.

©Grant Naylor Productions
©Grant Naylor Productions

Even though the cast is older now the new series has all these elements while also feeling remarkably fresh and current. Tonight’s new episode is as fast passed and witty as any episode of Doctor Who or Sherlock. Watch out for the sassy guest role by Lucie Pohl she has “new Doctor Companion” written all over!

As a further treat Dave also broadcasts two of the series best early episodes straight after the premiere. Marooned especially is a triumph.


Red Dwarf returns tonight on Dave at 9pm