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STYLE ADVICE | What’s the best way to apply foundation if I have a beard?

Ever had a style or grooming question, that you’ve always wondered about but never had someone to ask? Then worry no more, our style and grooming expert Thomas Swallow is on hand to help. This month, he’s tackling the topic of Male Makeup.

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What’s the best way to apply foundation, if I have facial hair? If I add foundation to it, it looks a mess and if I don’t I just get a line there.

The best way to deal with facial hair when applying foundation or any other type of coverage product i.e. BB creams is to not avoid or apply the product directly to the area. What you want to do, is apply the product to the rest of your face/neck (please don’t forget the neck) and then just run the excess product through your facial hair. This way you avoid a harsh line but you don’t coat your hair in product and it just creates an overall even finish.

My Recommendation:

I personally would always opt for a BB/CC cream or a light to medium coverage foundation. If going for a more full coverage look though, try and opt for a powder foundation. Powder products will always look more natural than liquid products through facial hair.

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