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  • Tanzania arrests 12 for “homosexuality” in Dar es Salaam

    Tanzanian police said Wednesday they had arrested 12 men, including two South Africans and a Ugandan, for presumed homosexuality as part of an ongoing crackdown against gays. “We arrested the criminals at (the hotel) Peacock — they were promoting homosexuality.

  • Tanzania withdraws threat of publishing “gay list”

    Tanzania withdraws threat of publishing “gay list”

    The African country of Tanzania has withdrawn its threat of creating a list of gay people and sharing it publically. The list, which was threatened last week, would have outed people who are accused of selling sex online. Deputy health minister Hamisi Kigwangalla was to call a press conference on Monday to distribute the list, […]

  • Commonwealth country, Tanzania is to publish “list of gay people”

    Commonwealth country, Tanzania is to publish “list of gay people”

    In its continued crackdown on gay people, the Tanzania government has said it could publish a “list of gay people”. Homosexuality is illegal in the African country with offenders facing up to 30 years in prison and this new policy is aimed at people who promote same-sex sexual activity online. Tanzania’s deputy health minister Hamisi […]

  • This African government want to ban lube to stop gay sex

    The government of Tanzania apparently wants to stop gay sex, so it’s banning lube.   Tanzanian health officials have banned the import of sexual lubricants in a move to crack-down on anal sex, directly targeting the gay and bisexual male community. Gay sexual relations are illegal in Tanzania with those found guilty handed life imprisonment […]