★★★★★ | One Love: The Bob Marley Musical

Played with your heartstrings and lullabied your soul

© Helen Maybanks

Few names exist in the music industry where sparks have spread like wildfire across the world. Bob Marley was certainly the sensation that reached many people around the globe, and the feeling that ripples still decades later. Bob’s vision, talent and style have made him an eternal flame.

The Birmingham Rep hosted ‘One Love: The Bob Marley Musical’, and an epic event it was! Written and directed by Kwambe Kwei Armah, ‘One Love’ celebrates the icon Bob Marley in a delicate, timeless and memorable way. Through the history of his early music career to his later achievements, the audience were transported on a journey evoking nostalgia and emotion from the depths of your core.

Mitchell Brunings played Bob Marley in an effervescent way that drew you in instantly, and commanded the stage with mastery and ‘next-level’ leadership, as the remaining characters shone around him; upscaling the standard of the production. It was a flawless performance by Mitchell. As an ensemble, every artist was terrific and invested every ounce of energy into every move and musical note. Alexia Khadime who played Rita Marley was the second star of the show second to Mitchell Brunings, with her gifted musical range and was absolutely captivating in her acting. Alexia really added to the drama and darkness of the story and handled emotion expertly.

The Redemption Song was my favourite moment in the show as the track was beautifully arranged to illustrate the moment Bob Marley’s life turned 360 degrees, returning to his routes.

ULTZ designed the production and a vision that was fitting with the ambition of the show. Using multimedia against sets, creating moments in time with real footage corresponding with key events shown in the musical. People need to see this show for the education, entertainment and the ride down memory lane were as sweet as guava jelly!

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About the author: Alex Da Silva

I am passionate person whose keen interest lends itself to Theatre. I am currently in rehearsals for the tour of Hamlet, being performed in England, Wales and Germany. I am playing Hamlet.

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