THEGAYUK has become the first LGBT+ outlet in the UK to move its entire website to a secure and encrypted connection.

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Following in the footsteps of some of the UK’s largest news outlets THEGAYUK has followed “best practice” by moving its entire site from an HTTP to an HTTPS connection. This means that content served on is now encrypted, by default.

The move is just one of a series of improvements made to since it’s inception in 2012. The process of moving from its original site started in February 2016 and has taken over a year of hard work to complete.


THEGAYUK’s editor in chief, Jake Hook said,

“It is really important for us that users of our services including the shop, chat services and our news site feel safe whilst using it. We’ve still got more improvement to announce, but I’m pleased that we’re the UK’s first LGBT outlet to secure our connection, ensuring our users’ experience of the site is encrypted and their privacy protected

We’re very proud to bring our users and readers and safer browsing experience”.

You can tell which sites use SSL technology when you visit them by looking at the URL bar. It should show the URL as a https:// and if you’re using a Chrome browser the word “secure” will appear.




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