At this stage of the competition we like to bring back TWATS. Twitter Winning And Theoretical Service.


In previous years we used Twitter to see if we could predict who the season’s winners would be. What we can tell you is that 2015’s contestants are vastly unpopular when compared to previous seasons of X Factor.


In 2014 after two live shows the contestants with the most Twitter fans was Jack Walton with 148K followers.In 2013 Union J had 288K followers on Twitter, this year Louisa is by far the most popular on but lags fair behind both on 82.4K.


Louisa 82.4K


4th Impact 52.2K

Mason Noise 41.5K

Lauren Murray 39.1K


Seann Miley Moore 35.4K (eliminated)

Che Chesterman 34.7K

Monica Michael 28.1K


Kiera Weathers 21.1K (eliminated)

Anton Stephans 20.4K

Reggie N Bollie 19.9K


Alien Uncovered 17.9K (eliminated)

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Max Stone 16.3K

Bupsi Brown 8.9K (eliminated)


Two of last year’s top three were already in triple digits by this point. Andrea Faustini had 147K followers and eventual winner Ben Haenow was at 122K followers. Runner up Fleur East was at 68.8K followers.

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