Why Do I Wake Up With A Hard On?

Everything you wanted to know about the morning glory.

It’s just a part of life, you wake up and your little fella is already up – aching to be unleashed and go forth into the day, but why do we get these erections?

Here are five reasons you could be waking up with an erection every morning.


1) They aren’t actually morning erections; they are night-time ones, called Nocturnal Penile Tumescence. The average man, without erectile dysfunction, has around three to five full lob ons during the night according to the NHS website, each one lasting up to 35 minutes.


2) It’s thought to be caused by the REM (rapid eye movement) part of your sleep. The part of your brain that releases norepinephrine located in the locus coeruleus is switched off which could result in boners. The REM cycle tends to happen just before you wake up.

3) Testosterone levels are at their highest in the AM, which can be attached to how randy you feel. Although testosterone doesn’t cause your duvet pole, it could make you think naughty thoughts – which will lead to a stiffy.

4) Some people think it’s to stop you wetting the bed Peeing with a raging horn is more difficult so it can perhaps, some suggest prevent bed-wetting, we’re not convinced.

5) Full bladder, a full bladder could be the reason you’re waking with a stonker. It can stimulate part of the spinal cord that could bring on a reflex erection.

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