They’re an almost permanent fixture on UK TVs, but here’s 10 things you might not know about them…

1) They’re not a couple. Fans though have often mistaken the two for boyfriends.

The pair told The Sun:

“We used to get called it an awful lot, usually by men of our own age. They’d go, ‘Oi! You pair of poofs!’”

Ant added: “Paul Burrell had a go at me once because I’d laughed in his face on I’m A Celeb.

“I said, ‘Paul I couldn’t help it. But that’s why you stayed in so long. My wife voted for you.’

“And he went, ‘Your wife? I always thought you were gay!’”

2) They’re not married… to each other. Even though one website claims that they got civilly partnered in 2010. It just isn’t true. Ant is married to Lisa Armstrong and Dec is married to Ali Astal.

3) Ant and Dec’s net worth is reportedly £62 million a piece, making them the most successful British TV presenters. Ant & Dec have their own production company Mitre Television where they produce their shows.

4) Dec is a Labour supporter.

5) Ant voted for the Conservatives in the 2010 elections. He told the Guardian that in 2015 he would find it difficult to vote Tories or Labour in the general election.

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6) Left to Right. To make sure everyone knows which one is which, Ant always stands on the left and Dec always stands on the right -so they appear as you say their names – Ant and Dec.

7) Legal. The pair have trademarked their name in the UK “Ant and Dec” since 2003.

8) Award winners. The duo have won the National Television Award for Most Popular Entertainment Presenter(s) 14 years running 2001 to 2015.

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9) Ant is taller than Dec by 2 inches. Ant is 5 foot 8 inches while Dec is 5 foot 6.

10) They started their careers are TV characters PJ & Duncan, who released two albums, Psyche and Top Katz. Their songs ‘If I Give You My Number’, ‘U Krazy Katz’ and ‘Stuck On U’ all reached the Top 40, while ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’ reached the top 10.

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