10 things you probably didn’t know about X Factor’s Freddy Parker

1) How old is Freddy Parker?

Fresh-faced Freddy Parker is 18-years-old and was born in 1998.

2) Is Freddy Parker Gay?

Since entering the X Factor competition thousands of people have search THEGAYUK to find out if Freddy Parker is gay or not. Although we’ve researched his social media accounts it looks as though Freddy identifies as straight, but is comfortable to photographed with other guys in just their swimwear. Bravo!

3) He originally comes from Ashford in Maidstone.

Up until his appearance in the X Factor Freddy was a schoolboy at the Sutton Valence School in Kent.

4) He’s a huge Lady Gaga fan…

…and why wouldn’t he be! After seeing her in concert he remarked, “I’ve been to heaven.”

5) He’s a dog lover…


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and gets distracted by them!

6) He hasn’t had the best luck on the road.

He narrowly evaded going to jail after being handed a 9-month driving ban, reduced from 12 months, after crashing his car while over the legal drink limit. He went on a drink-driving course back in February.

Freddy said,

“It was such a stupid error of judgement. I was so naive to think I could touch even a bit of alcohol and get behind the wheel of my car.
“I’ve listened to other people’s stories and it horrifies me to think about the damage I could have done.”

7) He’s got 22,600 fans on Twitter.

Just a baby when it comes to X Factor’s hall of fame on Twitter, but we’re only a few weeks into the show.

8) Has he got big balls?

Nicole seems to think so! During Motown week, #FreddyBigBalls was an actual trend on Twitter after she told him he had a big pair!

9) His teeth have been professionally whitened

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As with all X Factor contestants, his teeth have been given the Simon Cowell treatment.

10) He cheated on his words!

Perhaps he thought we wouldn’t notice but during the X Factor audition process, he wrote his lyrics on the palm of his hand!

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