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Boulevard opens in the UK on April 8th and here’s 11 thing you need to know about Robin William’s last film.

*Contains what some may consider spoilers 

Sadly Boulevard was Robin William’s last ever movie before he died in 2014.

This is the second time Robin William’s played a queer character. His first was in the smash hit The Birdcage in which he played opposite Nathan Lane. In 1995 he crossed dressed in Mrs. Doubtfire and in Aladdin he played possibly the campest genie known.

The film stars relative new comer Roberto Aquire, who plays a street hustler in Boulevard – in part of the film he stands completely naked in front of Robin Williams.

Roberto lost 35 pounds in two weeks – and although the role didn’t call for that, director Dito Montiel said the weight loss made him “more vulnerable and believable”.

He also landed a role in Chris Colfer’s (the guy from Glee) directorial debut



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The film was filmed in Nashville, but originally the film was called Santa Monica Boulevard.

  • According to IMDB the house in which many of the scenes are filmed, belongs to a married couple. The husband of that couple also identifies as gay.


Despite the film starring Robin Williams and increased interest in the film because of its nature and Williams’s recent death when it opened in the US, only 11 theatres showed the movie.

It has grossed just $126,150 in the US so far according to Box office Mojo.

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Look closely at Nolan Mack’s (Robin Williams) workstation at the bank and you’ll notice there’s no cable installed… Magic.

The film took just 22 days to film.


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