Matt Terry

Hunky Matt Terry looks to be one of the favourites to win this year’s series of X Factor – will a legion of fans and hitting all the right notes, here’s seven things you probably didn’t know about Matt Terry.

Is X Factor Matt Terry gay
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Is Matt Terry gay?

Since his first performance on the live shows of the X Factor, hundreds of people have searched our pages to find out whether Matt Terry is gay. It seems his budding Bromance with Freddy Parker has got people asking… But before entering the competition, Matt Terry was linked with actress Jasmine Avis, however, the pair broke up earlier in the year before he entered the singing competition. It doesn’t look like he is gay or bisexual, nor has he spoken about his sexuality publicly, but it’s 2016, so does it really matter? His bromance with Freddy Parker is pretty darn cute though.

Is Matt Terry a model?

Well, it’s funny, X Factor’s Matt Terry is cute enough to be a model and he’s got people comparing him to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson,  but there actually is already a male model, established called Matt Terry.

Is Matt Terry Single?

Is Matt Terry single
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Yes at the moment, it seems as though Matt is free and single. In September it was reported that he was back with his girlfriend, Jazz, but Matt put a stop to the rumours by saying, “We are not back together but we’re good friends and on good terms. We are from the same friendship group so we said, ‘Let’s be mature about this and not make it awkward for anyone else.’”

How old is Matt?

Matt is 23 years old meaning he was born in May 1993. His star sign is Tauras.

What did Matt do before he entered X Factor?

Before his appearance on the 13th series of the X Factor, Matt Terry was a waiter in a restaurant in his home town of Bromley. Before that, he was a student at the D&B Academy of Performing Arts, which is in Kent.


Social media?

Matt Terry
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He’s currently got 74,200 followers on Twitter and 183,000 followers on Instagram. On Facebook, he has just over 30,000 likes on his fan page.


What song did Matt Terry audition with
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Stand By Me

Matt managed to secure his place in the X Factor when wowed the judges with his rendition of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me”.