He’s the actor who plays the openly gay character Johnny Carter in EastEnders, but what do we know about Ted Reilly?

Johnny Carter actor gay?
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Is Ted Reilly gay?

No, as far as we know Ted Reilly doesn’t identify as gay and is straight. He’s managed to keep his private life private except when he was spotted getting up close and personal with an unnamed woman at the National Television Awards in January! They were so into each other they were, eventually, allegedly told to move on because they were blocking an exit!

He’s not the first Johnny Carter

Ted is actually the second actor to play Johnny Carter after the original actor Sam Strike decided to quit the soap in 2014. Johnny Carter is not the first EastEnders’ character to be played by more than one person. In the past characters Lucy Beale, Martin Fowler and Sam Mitchell have all had actor changes. When he joined the cast he said,

“I’m truly delighted to be joining such an iconic show. The Carters are a fantastic family and I can’t wait to get started!”

How old is Ted Reilly?

Ted was born on  14, 1994, which makes him 22 in 2017. His birthday makes him a Virgo.

What was Ted Reilly doing before EastEnders?

Before EastEnders Ted starred in Casualty, Law and Order and a number of other TV shows. He was in Call The Midwife months before landing the role as Johnny Carter.

Is he political?

Ted looks like he’s got a strong social conscious. He has tweeted and retweeted about a variety of issues including the minimum wage, Brexit, child safety on the internet and tax. Although he’s not overtly political he does retweet some interesting commentators and from some left-leaning news outlets.

He’s an avid fan of EastEnders

When Ted first took the role he revealed that he had been watching the show for the whole of his life. On his first day on set, he said,

“My first day on set was very surreal and very strange being here, having growing up watching the show all my life,” he said in a Twitter video.

“But probably one of the best moments of my life.”

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He added: “I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. It was so many emotions all at once.”

He has a brother and sister…

They both feature quite regularly on his social feed.



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