The social experiment by Trollstation showed a ‘Transvestite’ abused by an actor on the street to see if passersby would step in.

Actors create a scene on a busy London street to see if anyone would help a trans woman.


The experiment filmed by Trollstation showed footage of passersby standing around as one actor hurled abuse at another actor named Neg, who used to star in Channel 4’s Balls Of Steel, playing a transgender woman. The man is seen abusing the “transvestite” and saying, in front of a growing crowd, that ‘he’ was disgusting and ‘messed up’ whilst using violent hand gestures.


Neg Dupree asked passersby for help, with one woman stepping in and suggesting that he ‘leaves it’ and for Neg to just “go somewhere else”.

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The man, who then says that the woman should ‘burn in fire’ is then turned on by Neg, who says “If you point at me again I’ll drop you alright, f**king jog on”, as onlookers stand amused at the unfolding scene, before being told that it was a social experiment to see if anyone would step in to save the trans woman.

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