All Girl Band Stooshe In Prison

Okay not really… but have you seen Stooshe’s latest music video?

The ladies have gone all Orange Is New Black, having shot their latest single Lockdown in a real life high-security prison. Speaking exclusively to THEGAYUK all girl group Stooshe said that it was a “surreal” experience to be locked up…

“It was an amazing video to shoot,

“It was really surreal to be in it ’cause you have to just think, people have lived here. I think it was a high security as well. Serious serious convicts. It was really surreal to see it ourselves. It had only been closed four years. It was pretty fresh in there.”

When we asked what their one luxury item would be if they ended up in prison themselves they answered:

Vaseline, hot pepper sauce and mayonnaise.

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Read the full interview with Stooshe in the next issue of THEGAYUK out late Feb


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