Proudly out Apprentice star Sanjay Sood-Smith looks awesome after shedding masses of weight with the help of his personal trainer in just 12 weeks.

CREDIT: sanjay-sood-smith / Instagram

Sanjay Sood-Smith looks pretty darn hot we have to admit after he shed an impressive amount of weight. In total, Sanjay managed to lose a stone and a half of fat thanks to the help he got from his personal trainer, Nathan Johnsonn.

Posting pictures to his social media, the former Apprentice star, who appeared in the 2014 series of the Lord Sugar hit, looked toned and confident and remarkably slimmer thanks to all his hard work over a 12 week period.


The star posted a number of before and after pictures which showed the extent of his stone and a half weight loss. Featuring one that shows that the star’s stomach no longer hangs over his trousers, proving that hitting the gym can really help shift those stuborn inches.

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In one of the pictures the reality star joked that most of his “beer belly” had almost completely disappeared. Sanjay has lost inches across his back, belly and chest and cuts a fine looking figure these days.

Earlier in the year the businessman was spotted downing cocktails in Ibiza with chums on a “lads” getaway.

Sanjay also managed to work hard on his back and really slimmed down his lower back.



Bravo Sanjay!