Gay icon Bette Midler doesn’t want all the fuss when she passes away…

Bette Midler
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2016 has been a terrible year in Celeb land, already we’ve reported that at least 11 LGBT allies or gay icons that have passed away, but ultra gay icon Bette Midler has been very specific about what she wants happening after she passes on.

Especially when it comes to social media… so pay attention.




Taking to twitter the Wind Beneath My Wings singer said she didn’t want commercial companies paying her tributes. Specifically she doesn’t want breakfast cereals to dedicate a tweet to her.

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“If I learned anything last week, it’s that life is fragile & I really don’t want Cheerios to dedicate a tweet to me when I die.”

We couldn’t agree more Bette – if not cereals what about Poptarts?


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