All the latest on tonight’s episode of Big Brother… And Danielle talks to Winston about Marriage and why men are basically men whores… it’s because of their DNA – apparently.

Speaking to Winston, Danielle says, ‘Say a man slept with ten girls and then you had a women who slept with ten girls (sic), that would offend me that the women done it but I wouldn’t judge the guy. I can understand why a man does it because it’s just how they are in their DNA really, but women it’s different; they’re not made like that.’

Danielle made headlines when entering the Big Brother house 19 days ago because of her strict Catholic views against same-sex marriage

Here’s what else is going on in the house tonight, from 10:00PM on Channel 5

• Danielle talks to Big Brother and says she “feels emotionally and mentally exhausted…there’s so many vindictive people in here…I just feel like a caged bird” She goes on to talk about Helen saying, “the girl has serious issues…has a personal problem with me, whatever that is. Such a rude, vile girl…she’s just horrible, just horrid. She is quite honestly the nastiest person I’ve ever met in my life”.

• Matthew, Jale, Toya and Ashleigh talk about Helen in the bedroom. Toya remarks, “the things that she’s done…the snide comments, the remarks, the things that I’ve witnessed are absolutely disgusting…” Jale adds, “I’m getting annoyed with myself for giving Helen a chance up until a couple of days ago…she can’t be that unbalanced otherwise she wouldn’t be in here”.

• Helen talks to Steven, Ash, Mark and Kimberly about how she’s feeling in the House.

• Kimberly and Toya discuss being in the House. When Kimberly asks if she’s happy not to have the power, Toya says, “I’m more happy that I’m up for nomination to be honest…do you think I want to stay in this House? No, I don’t…”

• Danielle talks to Ashleigh about Kimberly saying, “we’re done…we are through. I will never speak to her outside this House” Ashleigh responds saying, “I won’t be either, she doesn’t give a sh*t” Danielle adds, “She’s not got my back…she’s got no loyalty to me…I will never, ever trust her again”

• Helen talks to Toya about Danielle and says, “I’d rather be friendly and polite… I don’t want to upset someone, that upsets me…I just need to accept and stop being childish about things and think she’s different to me and I don’t think we’re ever going to see eye to eye”

• Kimberly talks to Danielle about some of the other Housemates and explains that they bond by putting their cards on the table and making fun of one another and that “it’s kind of them trying to bond with you in a weird way” Danielle responds that she doesn’t think a lot of people like her in the House and she’s “fine with that…I know who my friends are”

• Ashleigh talks to Toya about Danielle saying, “I’m going to have to smack her, I swear to God. I need to give her a shake”

• The Housemates successfully compete in a trust task

• Toya tells Matthew about her troubled relationship with Marlon and says, “If he calls me a fuc*ing bit*h one more time, I will verbally, verbally destroy him”

• Kimberly and Danielle talk about Steven and speculate that they may be booked for a double photo shoot when they are evicted

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• Ash, Winston and Marlon analyse the eviction odds. Marlon observes, “It’s either gonna be me or Toya…I can’t wait to see that reaction” Ash adds, “It’s going to go either way”

• Toya tells Big Brother, “When I told you hurricane Toya was brewing… well hurricane Toya arrived. There was no destruction, just some superficial damage.”

• Steven talks to Jale about the upcoming evictions and says, “I think Danielle’s perception with the public has changed” He goes on to speculate that the argument between Marlon and Toya has put them both in jeopardy with Jale saying, “she’s written herself off”

• Danielle talks to Ashleigh about her earlier conversation with Kimberly regarding Steven

• Kimberly talks to Jale about Helen saying, “The one benefit about Helen is that if she has something to say, she’ll say it.”

• Matthew tells Big Brother that he thinks “Ashleigh and Toya have become very close”

• Kimberly and Steven talk about her barriers.

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• Danielle talks to Winston about marriage.

• Danielle, Kimberly and Jale jump in the pool and are joined by some of the other Housemates for an impromptu pool party

• Following the pool party, some of the boys joke that Marlon has his eye on Danielle to which he responds, “I can crack that nut”

• Helen tells Big Brother that she thinks she’s turned a leaf with Danielle who showed a fun side during the evening

• Kimberly and Danielle discuss Ashleigh and Toya’s influence over her

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